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  • GT Thesis Template
  • ASDL Beamer Theme

Precooked LaTeX Report Template

In order to get around making up a new report format, I decided to have a ready-to-eat  LaTeX report template for later use.  The skeleton contains the following features.

  • Grossary via a glosstex package
  • Nomenclature via a nomencl package
  • Hyperlink generation via a hyperref package
  • script for Windows and *Nix platforms

GT Thesis Template

I tweaked a LaTex thesis template for Georgia Tech, which is available here.  The followings are what I've made:

  • Normal font for subsection.
  • Enable to have headings for List of Symbols.
  • Modify the way appendix shows on table of contents. 

ASDL Beamer Theme 

Beamer is amazing tool for presentation in LaTeX.  Beamer does not have many bells and whistles as Microsoft Powerpoint does, but beamer provides just enough abilities to jazz up your presentation.  Remember, too many kickers distract an audience from giving attention to a presentation. 

I had a terrible experience with PowerPoint.  It was a final project presentation for Life Cycle Cost Analysis class, and my team had to swith to a latop that has an older version of Powerpoint.  As soon as we brought up the final presentation, we lose all cool features using up to date Powerpoint functions.  On top of that, some of layouts are just messed up.  With beamer, you do not need to worry about all the above nightmares; keep your prisine presentation.

ASDL beamer theme is designed for people in ASDL who would like to use beam class for their presentation.  ASDL beamer theme starts from available beamer themes, which come with beamer, as well as uubeamer theme, which is written by Arthur van Dam.

LaTex to MS Word

  • convert *.tex into *.html
  • compile *.html files into a single file, *.mht, using Explorer
  • open *.mht using Word
  • save it as *.doc format

MS Word to LaTeX

Well, it seems Word2Tex is the only decent way.