Best Research Paper Award

To foster excellence in research, the International Aerobiology Association wishes to recognize single, significant research contributions to the peer-reviewed literature which incrementally move the science of aerobiology forward. The International Aerobiology Association is pleased to announce this new annual award aimed at acknowledging important studies in Aerobiology. 

The Best Research Paper Award will be bestowed annually to the first author of an article on aerobiology published during the previous year. The prize, granted each year, is one free registration to an aerobiological conference. 

Articles in any area of aerobiology published during the previous calendar year can be nominated. Self nominations are not allowed. The researchers do not need to be current members of IAA although it is our hope and expectation that winners of this award will maintain membership in our association. 

Basis of the Award 
The nominations will be evaluated using the following criteria: the quality of the article, its novelty and its contribution to the science of Aerobiology. 

Nominations, comprising the full citation of a paper in aerobiology published during the previous calendar year, with abstract and pdf of the article, and the names of the nominee and the nominator should be sent to the Secretary General of the International Association for Aerobiology. 

Applications should be received no later than April 1st, each year. 

The applications will be evaluated within 45 days of the deadline expiration. Applicants will be informed of the panel decision as soon as possible.