Hobby Grade R/C Cars

A summary of Hobby grade r/c cars.




  Radio controled boats

R/C Drifting 

    Hobby Grade R/C cars come in many different varities.   The main catagories are as follows...

-1/10th scale(Gas, or Electric)



    -Stadium truck 


-1/8th scale(Gas or Electric)

    -Monster truck

    -Rock Crawler 

    -Gas Buggy

    -Gas Touring

-1/5(4)th scale Cars and trucks

-1/12th scale touring/pan cars

-1/18th scale

    -Gas stadium truck

    -Electric Stadium truck

    -Gas touring car

    -Electric touring car

    -Gas Buggy

    -Electric Buggy

   -1/24th scale cars and trucks

-1/43 scale cars

-1/64th scale cars and trucks

    I personaly own a Savage gas monster truck, an electric touring car, a Mini LST, a Xmod, and a carbon fiber El Lobo boat.