Why "Aeris"

Some clear reasons. 



There's been serious debate (not really) about why you should use a particular version of her name. I hope to inform you of some of the background, and reasons her name is 'Aeris'.

Some people call her 'Aerith' because this is the rendition of her name in later appearances.

It's a cheap attempt to sound like 'Earth'. Some people use this is a reason to call her Aerith. But this reason makes a change sound cheap and poorly executed. Aeris already sounds very much like 'air', which is a better comparison. Earth is always hard and rigid, not often forgiving. Air, though, can be calm, gentle, or even fierce when needed.

It's rebellious. People who use 'Aerith' can often be considered 'Blind Sheep'. They just follow others, because it's assumed that Aerith is the official name considering all the later renditions. But there is absolutely no evidence that the name was intended to be 'Aerith'. The japanese characters 'E' 'a' 'ri' 'su' エアリス would be most commonly rendered as 'Ay-ah-ree-s' (Earisu). Take a first year Japanese class and you'll learn this.

It's not wrong. Some say that by nature of the other name being used in later versions means that 'Aeris' is wrong. This is not true. The "Aeris" rendition still appears in official materials as late as 2009 [mirror]. MANY people say "It's Aerith in Japan" and this is wrong.

Aeris is original. It's from the first game, the game that created the fond memories of Final Fantasy 7. Throughout this experience we called her 'Aeris'. It's not up to a few people in charge of localization for later games to change her name, it's not their right. You can't just start calling Mario 'Morio'. It's only been passively 'accepted' until now because no one has spoken out. We're tired of it.

Aerith sounds stupid. The name Aerith sounds as though the name is pronounced with a lisp. Aeris, on the other hand, sounds beautiful.

Aeris is old school. And old school is cool. Always will be.