Her Name Is Aeris
Aeris Gainsborough is her name. The name by which she earned her fame.

Aeris Gainsborough






Aeris Gainsborough is a female protaganist from Square's Final Fantasy VII game, who is one of (if not the) last remaining of the Ancients.

Aeris was first introduced to the world in the videogame Final Fantasy VII from Square. The japanese version of the name can be roughly translated to be Air - E - Suu. Some claim that if the Kanji versions however, coupled by saying her name fast enough, make her name Aerith instead of Aeris.

They Are Wrong

Her name is Aeris. Aeris was the name she was first known as. Aeris is the name everyone will remember. You can't go back and change her name, even if someone thinks its wrong. She is Aeris. Aerith sounds like someone trying to say Aeris with a lisp. Aeris is a beautiful, artful, passionate name... and Aerith is not. Here's why.

Don't Say Aerith

Don't call her Aerith around your friends. Don't call her Aerith around your neighbors. Don' call her Aerith in front of Cloud or Tifa neither because they won't understand who the hell you are talking about.

Aeris Is A Great Name

Aeris... soft... gentle... sounds like her, doesn't it? The caring white mage who tends to a garden in a small church under the rotting pizza of a city. A name that stands out, portraying her as the blessed yet cursed spirit she is. The last of the Cetra. The last hope against a powerful evil virus. Aeris... beauty... passion.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Would still smell as sweet, yes. That is a very valid point - she won't change if her name is changed. But why would we change such a sweet name once it has been so adapted placed? I highly doubt you will stop calling Roses roses and start calling them Rothes, would you? Honestly, would you?