Scorekeeping and Competition Management 
Artistic and T&T Gymnastic

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Aerial's "Smart Scoreboards" do more than scores. You can display information about gymnast as they compete, selecting what info to display and when to display it. Additionally, you can display pre-defined or ad-hoc messages. Keeping your audience informed adds intrest to your meet.
Aerial Version 7.80R

This release enables T&T data entry of Difficulty and Deduction scores. It also powers out new Digital Projection Scoreboard.  It had the look and feel of earlier versions, but has been modified to make it easier to use

Although tested by 3 clubs around the U.S in Feb/Mar 2017, we consider this a beta test release and a work-in-progress. If you encounter a problem, or have a suggestion, please contact us at OlympicFox.7.80R@gmail.comThe Aerial apps reside on Google's Drive and can be accessed with this link:

There are currently four Aerial apps uploaded to the Google Drive.  These are:

1. Aerial Master Station.  This is all you need to run a meet.  Using the new score entry panel, you can enter scores for all events, whether T&T or Artistic.  You can adjust this panel to suit your needs, from one to 8 judges, difficulty, deduction and, for T&T, Trampoline "Air Time".

2. Event Stations.  Collect scores at eachjudges stations. Using a wireless network, transmit score data to the Master Station for processing and report production.  And if a link goes down you can transmit scores using a USB flash drive, with no interruption to your meet. In fact, with a USB drive, you dontt need a network at all.  Event Stations use the same score entry panel as the Master Station, and can control either LED scoreboards or a Digital Projection scoreboard -- or both.

3. Leaderboard.  Track you event leaders or leading teams as the meet progresses.This board will cycle through your levels, divisions and (for T&T) gender to display scores and rankings as they happen.  And you can control the format and appearance of the board, and specify the information to be displayed.

4. Digital Projection Scoreboard.  Create the score display of your dreams.  Beginning with a blank 'canvas' you can add score data, names, gymnast info, judges, graphics, pictures, backgrounds and more.

 NOTE:  If you have a current Aerial "Config" file, you can download and activate any of the first three apps.  The Digital Projection Scoreboard will require a new license and config file.

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