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NAPPA Activities

NAPPA's Activities page reports on its activities.

APDER as to our knowledge is the first NGO concerned with Aerial Imaging and as first NGO, we in APDER, are willing to initiate a Network called NAPPA (Network of Aerial Photography Production & Application). 
NAPPA intends to be the platform:
  • to learn and share information from the long standing experience in the private sector.
  • to transfer knowledge into new initiatives within Civil Protection and Humanitarian Assistance to Development Cooperation and related fields such as the protection of the environment.
  • to serve as a catalyst to promote the usage and to connect various project and programmes.
As a platform NAPPA aims at facilitating Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening of potential users, in particular in developing countries.

Promoting the utilisation and facilitating information exchange of Aerial Photography

Through the organisation of conferences, meetings and web based information platform, NAPPA is aiming to integrate, encourage and improve the use, the learning and the exchange of experience of Aerial Photos, data acquisition and data processing.

Supporting development and testing of new technology to capture Aerial Images, etc.

NAPPA is engaged in the Research and Development of operational methods and specific products to ensure continuous improvement of aerial photographic based information, requested by users in divers field.

The platform is thought to be assembling Research and Development for efficient and cost effective technologies applied in divers areas.

Strengthening of organisations and institutions in using/processing Aerial Photos in planning and coordination and campaigning.

Through the organisation of trainings the development of knowledge and skills of individuals regarding the use of Aerial Photos and its resulting information are enforced. 

The integration of Aerial Photographic-based information into information systems-management of Organisations and Institutions and their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) is also promoted by the Network.

For the moment APDER is building up a professional Network and the agenda.