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In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of disasters and their impacts, which is affecting more and more people on our planet, especially in developing countries.  

The complex links between vulnerability, poverty and lack of development has demonstrated the need to improve the mechanisms for Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

An experienced APDER (Aerial Photos for Disasters, Emergencies and Recovery) member, present in a Disaster Coordination situation, conducted field research in the wake of the Haiti earthquake. This included interviews with several professionals from national and international organisations working in Disaster Response roles, who confirmed the need for Aerial Photographs.

Consequently, APDER was created by experts in Aerial Photography, Disaster Management and Training in Civil Protection. Within the short time of APDER´s existence, it became clear that Aerial Photographs could also be an important instrument for the planning and coordination process within other fields too, such as the protection of nature and wildlife, security or urban planning, media coverage and documentation.

APDER is registered in Barcelona (Spain), as a Non Profit / Non Governmental Organisation. Registration Number: 66550673