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Overall Objectives

APDER (Aerial Photos for Disasters, Emergencies & Recovery) is an internationally recognized, highly qualified and professional organisation which provides Aerial Photos of (geographical) zones of disasters or potential catastrophes to local, national and international individuals, organisations, institutions etc... 

APDERs field of action ranges from involvement in Pre and Post-Disaster Situations, in order to reduce the incidence and impact of disasters and to improve the Early Recovery, to other areas of application of Aerial Photography.


In general APDER collaborates and closely supports various UN agencies, the Red Cross Movement, Inter-Governmental and Governmental Institutions and entities, Non–Governmental Organisations, Research Institutes and Universities. APDER uses and promotes low cost-technology of aerial imaging in disasters and other fields in developed and developing countries. APDER provides cost effective and cost efficient services to increase cost effective and cost efficient interventions.

Objective 1

  • Disaster Prevention 
 By providing Aerial photographs APDER enforces awareness and detection of risks of disasters.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Mitigation 
APDERs team is trained to identify, assess and reduce risks of all kinds associated with natural phenomena and human activities. The capacity building of Disaster Response Organisations is strengthened by providing training and the participation in exercises or simulations of disasters. APDER assists and contributes to assessments and evaluations. Decision making processes are informed and non structural measures enhanced.
  • Disaster Response 
The provision of APDER´s services reduces the Reaction Time and improves the Direct Desicion Making of all entities involved, contributing directly to saving human lives. Coordination Efforts & Beneficiaries participation in all processes of the Disaster Response are supported and improved.
  • Post-Disaster' s Early Recovery and Reconstruction 
In the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction process, APDER contributes to the planning and the designing of the interventions and other processes relevant to the Early Recovery. APDER enhances the Beneficiary participation through the collaboration of all concerned: from individuals to Local/National and International Entities and Organisations.

Objective 2

APDER extends its involvement -with its technology and knowledge about Aerial imagery- to other sectors such as the Protection of Environment, the Media or  Security (See: Applications of Aerial Photography)