APDER (Aerial Photography in Disasters Emergencies and Recovery) is to our knowledge the first and so far the only non profit organisation dealing with aerial photography/imaging in humanitarian crisis. In its short existence APDER has become a reference centre when it comes to production of the application of aerial images around natural catastrophes and man-made crises.

The results of our first field test in Haiti are on the webpage Haiti Mission which provides an overview of possible products of Aerial Photos and have a look at the sub page Haiti Mission- APDER Products (click on the yellow marked cells to see the Spherical Models). One of the new innovation are the Spherical Models (SM) and the Spherical Model Information System (SMIS). On the APDER Tutorials web page Videos explain and demonstrate examples of SMs and the SMIS. 

Watch a presentation of APDER in the Spanish Television with english subtitles.

If you have any suggestions or questions please send us your comments to : info@apder.org

APDER is an Non Governmental/Non Profit Organisation registered in Barcelona (Spain) whose main objective is to give support to all Planning and Coordination processes, in a Disaster Situation by providing Aerial Photos. APDER´s Team is composed of experts in Aerial Photography, Disaster Management, Training in Civil Protection and many other areas. The Core Team is guided by an Advisory Group gathering multidisciplinary specialists. APDER is also concerned about other themes (e,g environment, urban planning, documentation) and application areas where Aerial Photos can play an important role. For these reasons, APDER is engaged in the creation of a platform called NAPPA (Network of Aerial Photography Production & Application). NAPPA intends to be the focus for initiatives about Aerial Photos, new technologies and their application.

A description of APDER´s equipment which is for the time being the most cost-effective and other devices
used in Aerial Photography provides an objective idea, strength and weakness of Aerial Photos when used in Emergency Situation.

A System Chart visualises APDER´s integration in information and communication system, in Emergency Situations.

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