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APDER Video Tutorials

This page contains Video Tutorials in order to explain the SMIS (Spherical Model Information System) and to understand in short time how to use the different Spherical Models and what makes the difference to previous methods applied in Disaster Management, Reconstruction, Development Cooperation etc. . (All videos are produced in the 1280 x 720 pixels format - if you have a quick Internet line - change the format - how? > see APDER Tutorial Number 0 below)

APDER Video Tutorial Number 4 

Introduction into the SMIS ‎(Spherical Model Information System)‎ - Part1 Disaster Management

This tutorial describes the different functions and advantages of a SMIS (Spherical Model Information System) compared with satellite images, Google Earth and traditional aerial photos . Using the case scenario of the earthquake in Haiti in the year 2010 the video demonstrates with examples and comparison why a SMIS has so much to offer.

APDER Video Tutorial Number 3

This video explains Composite or Pano Spherical Models.

APDER Video Tutorial Number 2

This video is an introduction how you can use synthed Spherical Models:  Moving in the Synthed Spherical Model (SM), Zooming in and out as well other features such as Point Clouds are explained.

The video lost some quality because of the rendering process.   


APDER Video Tutorial Number 1

Balsy and the third dimension

This video demonstrates the differences between Satelite images, Google Earth and Sperical Models and their impact on Coordination and Planning.

APDER Video Tutorial Number 0

How to use You Tube

This Video is a short introduction in You Tube and how to use the different qualities of the video.