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The Founders of APDER

Chris HEPP 
(Germany) worked as a medical doctor in the refugee camps after the Rwandan Genocide where he had his first experience with Aerial Photos analyzing refugee numbers and movements. Afterwards he initiated and directed an NGO. At that time he participated in his first Civil Protection Course in the Civil Protection School in Neuhausen/Germany. After a Master Program in Humanitarian Assistance and an internship in the Humanitarian Office of the European Community (ECHO) he went as an ECHO Field Expert to Rwanda and the Middle East where he made his first experience with mapping. A Master in Health Policy, Planning and Finance at the LSE and the LSHTM followed. The usefulness of Aerial Photos and Satellite images in decision making processes and planning became obvious during his assignment in Albania for the World Health Organisation and in Kosovo for the Peace Keeping Mission UNMIK. Further his deployment in the integrated Peace Keeping Mission MINUSTAH in Haiti increased his experience working with visual information in Planning and Coordination. His last assignments in Haiti as UNDAC member and as Information Manager working with UNDP in the Cluster Coordination Mechanism convinced him to initiate APDER. Apart from humanitarian work, he was deployed for the EU and the OSCE as election observer in Aserbaijan, Macedonia, Indonesia, Guatemala and Kosovo.

Chris is responsible for the coordination & management for APDER´s activities on the international level

Oriol DELGADO (Spain) started as a Marketing Adviser and got involved in aviation more than 30 years ago. He’s a Pilot (PPL) since 1992. 
He was flying in fires surveillance, rescue, inspection and has collaborated with NGOs in Miami. He also worked with a company specialised in the Explosive and Gas Detection, providing equipment and offering training and formation for specialised Civil Protection Unites and Safety Corps of the Spanish Government, Oil companies, Chemical and Energy Companies.
The idea of using blimps for aerial photographies occurred in the early 90th. He imported the concept from the US with the idea to use it for commercial purposes. In 2004 he started up his own aerial photography company, in which he currently works (www.foto-aerea.net). He makes photos for Civil Administration, Insurance Companies, Construction, Advertising and Film Production Companies. More than 100 000 photos have been produced. Oriol participates in a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) project development, unmanned autonomous platforms for flights to capture images and also carrying on board measurement equipment, analyzers, sensors, etc.

Oriol is responsible for technical interventions and operations.

atrick JUNQUERA (Spain) born in Libya, has studied journalism in Madrid in 1984 and as a journalist he travelled around different countries focusing on sealife preservation. He speaks several languages being fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.  
Since 1992 he has developed his career working as an expert in all kinds of driving emergency conditions and situations. 
He provides technical driving training skills worldwide to emergency teams like Civil Protection Units, Firemen Brigades, Police Departments, and Army Units both on road and off road. He is a specialist in planning ground routes under emergency conditions to reach specific locations when needed by rescue teams or emergency situations (light off  road vehicles and heavy duty vehicles like trucks and bulldozers). 
He is used to working with these kinds of teams in real and simulated scenarios where pressure must be handled properly.
He worked in several countries providing coordination and training around the world such as in Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Italy, France, Iceland, Morocco, Mauritania, Libya, Tunisia, England, Argentina, Mozambique etc..

Patrick is responsible for training and field logistics on a national and international level.

The Team Members

Lucie RETAILLEAU (France) specialised in Program Management for Project Development in Paris after being involved in numerous local projects ranging from organising Street Art festivals to creation of platforms for social movements. After travelling around the world being engaged wherever needed, she finally landed in Barcelona where she launched a project located in Mozambique. Starting from zero the program got developed, providing resources for health and education to orphans in a short period of time. She joined APDER´s Team in 2010.

Lucie is responsible for office management overseeing and coordinating the day by day activities. 

Hein BEHRENS (South Africa) has a degree in Econometrics and postgraduate diploma in Econometrics from London Guildhall University. He has more than 20 years experience in design, development and implementation of Information Technology systems for large corporate companies all over Western Europe. 

Hein is also helping with our website implementation.

Mariña PORTAS MONTERO (Spain) studied graphic design in Barcelona. She is a volunteer and The Artist within the APDER team. Mariña is concerned with the development of graphics such as the communication & information chart to visualise APDER's activities in the national and international set up of Disaster Response Mechanisms.

APDER Pool/Roaster

Emergency Roaster

The APDER Emergency-Roster is a pool of experts trained in the production of Aerial Photos and ready to leave in emergency situations on short term notice. Activation mechanism of the Pool members are similar to other disaster emergency specialists. Once a catastrophe occurs the pool members are alerted by phone, SMS and email messages. Pool members who are ready to go on emergency missions have to notify APDER. APDER is composing then the team according to the availability and needs for the respective mission such as country knowledge, language skills, technical capability, etc. Pool members are volunteers, associated with APDER or any member of a National and International Organizations specialized in Disaster Response.

Training Roaster

The APDER Training-Roster consists  of specialists from the Advisory Group who will accompany APDER members to provide training to individuals, organisations and entities on a national and international level.