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APDER Advisory Group

This page contains the list of advisers and their working experience

The Group gathers international professionals in areas where Aerial Photography plays an important role in detection, coordination and planning not only in the Security or the Military Sector, but also in related fields where Aerial Photography is processed by technicians such as Photographers, Cartographers /GIS- and Information Management Specialists, Researcher, Urban Planners, Architects and Construction Engineers, Journalists and so on.

The Group is a resource on technical advice and networking. 
The members of the Advisory Group are part of the Training Roaster. 
Naturally the Advisory Group has no responsibility for any decision or action taken by the Organisation or by any member of APDER.

Humanitarian Action & Development Cooperation:

Javier HONORATO (Spain) worked as Field and Project Officer for UNHCR from 1985 to 1990 in Honduras and Sri Lanka As Head of UNHCR Field/Emergency Offices in Iraq, former Yugoslavia, Somalia, former Zaire, Russia and Ukraine he coordinated of/with other UN Agencies, Government Departments, NGOs and ICRC/IFRC – in most of the cases, complex emergencies. After 1999 he worked with OCHA in different positions – always in emergency operations – in Congo/Brazzaville, Angola, Haiti, the occupied Palestinian territory and, again, in Haiti as Field Coordinator after the 2010 earthquake.

John BORTON (Great Britain) has worked continuously in the international disaster and humanitarian sector since 1981. His roles have focussed on research, evaluation, organisational and inter-organisational learning, organisational strategy, network development, and capacity building. He has been directly employed by DFID, the Gov. of Botswana and the ODI (Overseas Development Institute), and has undertaken studies commissioned by the World Bank, UN agencies, bilateral donors, and NGOs. From 1991 to 2002 he established and coordinated the Relief and Rehabilitation Network (now the Humanitarian Practice Network), the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP).; led the Study III (humanitarian) team of the Joint Evaluation of Emergency Assistance to Rwanda (JEEAR); After that he worked as an independent consultant within the humanitarian sector undertaking a variety of research, capacity development, Learning Support Adviser to the governing body and senior management team of NGOs and involved in HAP’s (Human Accountability Project) annual Humanitarian Accountability Reports. John’s first degree was in Geography (Oxford 1978) and his Masters was in Agricultural Economics (Reading 1979).





Gabriel Archange LÉON  (Haiti) studied Agricultural Engineering and has worked since the 90th in Disaster Management. He gained extensive experience working for NGOs such as Oxfam and for the United Nations in coordination of Humanitarian Action and Development cooperation and in Disaster Preparedness and Prevention programs. Raised in a developing country prone to Disasters he work for and provided training programs to authorities on local, regional and national level in a developing country. This expertise makes him a rich source for advice about cooperation with local authorities.


Civil Protection

Dr. Peer RECHENBACH is the Head of the State Department of Civil Protection and Disaster Response Management of Hamburg. Dr. Peer Rechenbach was born in 1952 in Hamburg. He has a master degree in civil engineering for power electricity. After his studies at the University of Hannover he started his career in the professional Fire Brigade of Karlsruhe. After experiences in various German cities, he came to Hamburg in 1983. From 1996 to 2007 he was the 1st Deputy of the Head and Chief of the State Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service of Hamburg. He has extensive knowledge in crisis management, civil protection, emergency rescue services, industrial fire fighting, measuring of dangerous substances and in the incident command and control systems. He is member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination Team and High Level Coordinator in the Disaster Response Mechanism of the European Union. Dr. Rechenbach further is member of the German Advisory Board for Civil Protection for the Federal Minister of Interior. He is Part Time Lecturer at the Hamburg University of Applied Science, at the Institute of Emergency Medicine of the ASKLEPIOS Clinics Hamburg and the German Armed Forces Command and Staff College.

Joachim GlOEGGLER 

Security, Military

Bernd LEBER (Germany), graduated in social work/community developement (B.A.) and Sociology (M.A.), has worked in development cooperation since 1970, in some 55 countries. His experience includes long term assignments (sub Saharan Africa mostly) , on behalf of international agencies (UNHCR, IOM, UNDRO), bi-lateral agencies (GTZ, SIDA), and NGOs, and since 1989 short term assignments as a consultant. His consulting firm proMig Consult (with offices in Tostedt/Hamburg and Berlin) has been founded in 1993, and is specializing in migration, security and development (Africa, Middle East, Balkans). Particular experience in numerous post-conflict / reconstruction settings and in demobilization (DDR). Mr. Leber is member of the German Association for Evaluation (DeGEval).

Decision Making/Governance

Philippe de BRACONIER (Belgium), Master in Economics and Social Sciences, is presently Managing Director of Governance & Democracy, Counselling, a non-profit institution focussing on Good Governance, Democratization processes, Community institutional building, Conflict resolution and Post conflict reconstruction. Philippe is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Programme for High Security and Defence Studies, Belgium, co-managed by the Royal High Institute for Defence and the Royal Institute for International Relations. His experience includes NGO and International Agencies assignments (European Commission, DPKO and UNDP mostly) such as coordinating rehabilitation and reconstruction policies, supporting to regional planning, formulating of DDR and Civil Society support programmes. Since 1981, his overseas missions have led him mostly to sub Saharan Africa (such as Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo or Sudan), Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mongolia or China) and the Balkans and Eastern Europe (Romania, Moldova, Kosovo and Cyprus).

Cartography/GIS Specialists and Information Management

Sandra SUDHOFF (Germany) is a Landscape Architect/Landscape Planner by profession, Sandra was exposed to emergency mapping and thematic mapping in the developing world while writing my thesis on Natural Resource Management for the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in Mozambique during the flood events in 2000. It sparked her interest and she pursued a Masters degree in GIS and Remote Sensing after. She has been working for both, private (Environmental Impact Assessments, 3D Lidar mapping) and public/humanitarian sector (GTZ, UN) in the past and has joined CartONG, a French NGO specialised in Mapping and Information Management, in 2007. CartONG’s main partner to date is UNHCR, but the organisation is also active in the Shelter Cluster and collaborates with other NGO's; especially in the area of capacity building and rapid mapping. (ACF, Acted, MSF and now APDER).

Gunnar SEILER ,
Paolo ROMANO (Italy) has a master in earth sciences with a specialisation in hydro-geology and he has been mostly working in mapping, geographical data processing and analysis. He bears 19 years experience within the UN system (HQs, FAO, WFP, OCHA) with numerous overseas missions. His technical skills include Geographic Information Systems using MapInfo, ArcGIS, UNGWW (groundwater dedicated GIS) - Digital Cartography and template design Development and delivery of training courses. Since 1999 he has been involved in humanitarian emergencies as Information Management Coordinator with field deployment in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia (Balkan Emergency), Mozambique, Burundi, Congo DRC and other. Since 2004 he has been working with OCHA in the field of humanitarian information management and spatial analysis of humanitarian data.

Urban Planners, Architects and Construction Engineers


Wolfgang GEIKE 

Photography, Journalism, Information, Communication,Campaigning

Christiane von ENZBERG (Germany) Christiane studied photography in Berlin, Germany. Since more than 15 years she is working as a freelance photographer for several magazines of international reputation. Christiane provides APDER with advice on photo editing and post production. Here web site: www.christianevonenzberg.com

Christoph KRUEGER (Germany) 

Martin WATSON (United Kingdom) Martin has worked with a variety of public and non-pro!t organisations in the international arena. These include the European Commission’s external economic relations with South-East Asia and support for the African Group at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in the Doha Round negotiations. He has worked on participatory and foresight processes on a variety of topics, including the future of pandemics in Asia and Europe. He has held senior management positions with various nongovernmental organisations responsible for grants, partnerships, organisational development, fundraising and communicating key messages to constituents including donors, governments and the media. Martin designs and delivers multi-stakeholder and communication strategies for government, business and civil society alike. He helps clients combine foresight, research and strategy with senior management and project implementation building on diverse methods of cooperation, communications and stakeholder outreach. His communication expertise includes public policy lobbying and advocacy including message development, public speaking, proactive media engagement and the shaping of corporate communications. In stakeholder engagment processes, he puts speci!c emphasis on creating partnerships and facilitating strategic and policy dialogue.  www.prospex.com