About Us

APDER History

It was as usual a coincidence in the fall of 2008. 
Oriol made photos and videos with his blimp about the festival of the Catalan Cooperation in the city park of Barcelona. Chris who had just returned from a mission with UNDAC in Haiti went there with his family. Attracted by the balloon and that man being busy with a remote control - he approached Oriol. They started chatting about using this equipment in disaster situations. They agreed to keep contact. 

Somehow vanished the conversation from memory until occurred the 2010s flooding in Albania. Both met just at the day of the Haitian Earthquake and followed in real time the events in Port au Prince. It was decided to pursue the idea. Chris went for the United Nations as Information Manager to Haiti and after his return they met again joined by Patrick, specialist in civil protection. The idea of founding an NGO was born.

The process was initiated with the “Acta fundacional de l´associació” in September 2010. The statutes where submitted to the “Generalitat de Catalunya/Departament de Justicia” and APDER was officially accepted at the 11 of February 2011 as Non Benefit - Non Governmental Organisation in the Official Register of Associations of the” Generalitat de Catalunya” (Spain).

The registration process with the Spanish Cooperation (AECID) has been initiated in March 2011. The registration process with the European Commission (ECHO) will soon be initiated.