The Aerospace & Engineering program is a four year program that allows students to explore and refine interests in the field of engineering while gaining practical experience and skills useful in future careers. Students learn through a unique curriculum which includes classes specifically tailored to engineering such as A&E Math, Science, and CAD courses. Clubs and competitions like Battlebots, ACE Mentors, FIRST Robotics, Claim the Terrain, and various Senior Projects enable students to apply the skills they learn in class to real world examples while under the pressure that engineers experience every day.

            Possibly one of the greatest parts of the Aerospace & Engineering program are projects that combine skills from different classes into one, such as the sterling silver ring project sophomore year that brings skills learned in AE CAD together with knowledge from AE Chemistry to design and create your own ring through a process called lost wax casting. Junior year Aerospace & Engineering students design and construct a balsa wood tower, using AE Math to calculate loads and cross-sectional area along with CAD to draw and design their tower. The tower is then tested to determine the overall efficiency. Other activities like the parachute design project teach students skills, such as the design process, important for a career in engineering. The Aerospace & Engineering Program is a great way to get ahead by getting experience and knowledge that applies to the field of Engineering.


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