AR Polls

We will continue to list the polls by date with the most current first...

January 2014 - A set of polls to help you think about the dimensions of action research

May, 2010--- This is the general poll as to what to do with our funds. 

July, 2010---This is the proposal to fund k-12 teachers who have an action research proposal accepted. 

July, 2010)-- Should we use our funds to support a social networking site like one we started on NING?  We have to decide by mid August.   Alternately do we need a free social networking site like facebook or And if you answer is yes to any of these, are you willing to be a moderator or cheerleader for this activity.  (Use the comments below to discuss this issue or volunteer). The poll is here.  And comments below -- (but you need to be logged in to see the comments button. Log in option is at the bottom of the page)