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Sandbox (for playing around)

Welcome!  This is your site for you to tailor to meet your needs.  We are here to help you.   Changing the page is easy.  Use the  "edit  page" tab at the top left to add content, and finish with the  "save" option at the top of the page  after you have added your content.  The command bar is very similar to any word processing program. 

You can get a overview of how google sites work by watching the video on the right.  If you have watched this, and still have questions, then ask me, your friendly action research google site genie... (smile)- (  I have added a number a few pages to get us started but you can add more. 

You can create five different kinds of pages: 

YouTube Video on Google Sites

1) Web pages - text, graphics, links and such  (like this page) 
2) Dashboard- place to add things like calendars and other things
3) Announcements -(we are using this as a discussion tool--see planning for AERA 2010 for an example) 
4) File Cabinet -- storing files (but the content of files can also can be copied to the page and files can be attached to any page)
4) List- a database of information (used here for members...go and add yourself)

More  pages can be added by anyone and you can select the place in the site directory that they belong and it will be automatically be placed with links at the top to go back to home and at the bottom to for pages that are further down in the directory. 

Google Sites is integrated with other Google products, so you can insert videos, docs, spreadsheets, presentations, photo slide shows, and calendars directly onto your Google Sites pages.

The power of a wikiweb is that everyone builds it.  We should all take responsibility for adding content.  Don't worry about changing and deleting is the nature of wikis to be transformed.  So watch the videos and then start having fun!

If you want to know about changes you can "subscribe" to each a page or to the whole site. 

Margaret Riel 

(Feel free to play with this page... )

Try completing this line (The value of wikiweb is) 
     The value of a wikiweb is

Leave a new line for someone else to finish

Delete this line
       wikiwebs are indestructible -- you can delete me but I am still here as all pages are saved

Add a line for someone else to delete: 

Thank you. Margaret, for getting us going with these resources. Lots of space for us to grow in. Lonnie Rowell

Feel free to add  pictures of you -- your program or anything you think will be appreciated by others....