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SIG - Circle

Practice -Based Research

Each year at AERA both our members and our SIG leaders are drawn to other similar and overlapping SIGs.  We want to start 
exploring the possible links that might exist between our work in these different areas.  So we will start by listing the 
SIGs and their officers.  Then in 2012 we will explore what sorts of sessions we might share in common.  For example
we could have all of our poster or roundtables in the same room.  Or we could co-sponsor a section that might involve 
local practitioners to the conference site who are engaged in action research or practice-based research. 

So here are the the SIGs that might fit under the tent of practice-based research and links to their sites.  Action Research 
is of course larger than teacher research as one can do action research in any organization. 

     Alan Amtzis Chair  
     Sharon Ornelas and Chris Martell--program chairs 

       Debora & Renee 

    Shaun Murphy (U. of Saskatchewan) chair.