Action Research at Pepperdine University

Masters of Arts in Learning Technology Action Research Program (online)

Action research is the center of our MA in Learning Technologies program.  We have a number of sites that we would like to share with all of you.

For Examples of Action Research Projects

  • The Center for Collaborative Action Research (CCAR) -- Features a description of Action Research as well published (peer reviewed) Action Research Projects in both educational and community settings in many different types of organizations.

For Discussions Around How to Teach Action Research

  • CCAR Interact is the wiki for that is part of the center which focuses on how to teach action research.  Here we have included the strategies that faculty use to teach action research as well as the reflections of action researchers about the process of doing action research.  We invite all of you to join.

For Technology Tools for Doing Action Research

  • Mindmaps is our instructional wiki and you can see some of the work of the students in the program as they work through the process of doing action research.  You can find design libraries created by students each year who are exploring new (free)  tools for collaboration.  These tools often can play important roles in action research.  They also write essays together as a way to help prepare them for their more individual process of writing the lit review for their action research.  You can also listen to student present their action research in the Action Research Conference that we sponsored this year.