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Action Research World

You are welcome to create a page that links to explains how you are using action research. Before doing this explore the links on the home page for learning how to edit the website.  Then go to the "sandbox" (linked on the left)  and try adding and deleting text.  You can change anything on that page and not worry about it.  So be inventive.   It is a simple process and most of you will be experts after a few minutes of practice.

Then you are ready.  Just select "edit this page" from the top and then use basic word processing skills to add the name of the Action Research community. Highlight the name of your organization and click on the "link" icon to create a "new link."  You will be asked to give it a name (short names are best).  Also there will be a check the box for putting the page under Action Research World page. Click this button.  Then save this page (top right) and use the link to go there.  Once there, use the edit button to create what you want on the page.