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Book titleBook author(s)/editor(s)Publication yearLinkComments
Book titleBook author(s)/editor(s)Publication yearLinkComments
The Barefoot Guide to Working with Organisations and Social Change Barefoot Collective Dec 2013 Stylus Publishing – Practical Action This is a practical, do-it-yourself guide for leaders and facilitators wanting to help organizations function and develop in more healthy, human and effective ways as they strive to make their contributions to a more humane society. 
Introduction to Critical Reflection and Action for Teacher Researchers Bernie Sullivan, Mairin Glenn, Mary Roche, Caitriona McDonagh 2016  
Surviving & thriving with teacher action research: Reflections and advice from the field Heather Lattimer & Stacey Caillier 2015  
Action Research: Improving Schools & Empowering Educators, Fourth Edition Craig A. Mertler  2014  
Engaging in Action Research: A Practical Guide to Teacher-Conducted Research for Educators and School Leaders Jim Parsons, Kurtis Hewson, Lorna Adrian, and Nicole Day 2013 From creating a research plan to reporting findings, this book provides step-by-step instructions to help teachers conduct research projects in the classroom. 
Frontiers in Participatory Rural Appraisal and Participatory Learning and Action  Amitava Mukherjee 2013 Stylus Publishing – Practical Action This book includes participatory tools, methods and approaches can be very efficiently used in several fields of human exploration, including organization and institutional development, action research , macro-policy evaluation and democratic processes. Each chapter, dealing with these issues, describes both the process followed in the application of participatory tools and methods in the respective field and the synthesis of the theory of participation with practice as well. Designed for practitioners, researchers, academicians and students of development economics and poverty planning. 
Becoming a Teacher Through Action Research: Process, Context, and Self-Study (2nd Ed.) Donna Phillips & Kevin Carr 2010 Designed for pre-service teachers 
Conducting Research: Guide to Completing a Major Project in Educational Settings Daniel J. Boudah  2010  
Action Research in Education: Three-Volume Set Anne Campbell and Susan Groundwater-Smith (eds.) 2010  
Self-Study Teacher Research: Improving Your Practice Through Collaborative Inquiry Anastasia P. Samaras  2010  
Action Research for Professional Development: Concise advice for new (and experienced) action researchers Jean McNiff 2010 A really accessible text with lots of examples, exercises and advice 
The SAGE Handbook of Educational Action Research  Susan Noffke and Bridget Somekh (eds.) 2009 A great resource for theory, method and application of action research 
Doing and Writing Action Research Jean McNiff and Jack Whitehead 2009  
Digital Habitats; stewarding technology for communities Etienne Wenger, Nancy White, & John David Smith 2009 Amazon Link This book does not talk about action research explicitly, but guides people who want to effect change in their workplace communities using technology.  
Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization, Third Edition David Coghlan and Teresa Brannick 2009  
Action Research for Improving Educational Practice, Second Edition: A Step-by-Step Guide  Valsa Koshy 2009  
Action Research in the Classroom  Vivienne Baumfield, Elaine Hall and Kate Wall 2008  
Teacher Action Research: Building Knowledge Democracies Gerald J. Pine 2008  
The SAGE Handbook of Action Research, Second Edition: Participative Inquiry and Practice  Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury (eds.) 2008  
Participatory Action Research Alice McIntyre  2007  
Participatory Action Research for Educational Leadership: Using Data-Driven Decision Making to Improve Schools E. Alana James, Margaret T. Milenkiewicz and Alan Bucknam  2007  
Doing Action Research: A Guide for School Support Staff Claire Taylor, Min Wilkie and Judith Baser 2007  
Action Research: Living Theory Jack Whitehead and Jean McNiff 2006  
The Action Research Dissertation: A Guide for Students and Faculty Kathryn Herr and Gary L. Anderson  2005  
All You Need To Know About Action Research Jean McNiff and Jack Whitehead 2005 This book is a great first book for people new to action research --mriel 
Fundamentals of Action Research, Four-Volume Set  Bill Cooke and Julie Wolfram Cox 2004  
Surpassing Ourselves: An Inquiry Into the Nature and Implications of Expertise:  Carl Bereiter & Marlene Scardamalia 1993 Amazon Link Not explicitly about action research but rather describes progressive problem solving as the way to develop expertise.  
Showing 27 items