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AR SIG History

One of the advantages of a website  is that we can capture and save our history as we move forward

We would like to list those who have contributed their time and ideas to lead the AR SIG in the past 
(This is a page under construction as we work to externalize our collective memory...)

Leadership from 2012-2014 
       Chair:                 Danelle Stevens, Portland University 
       Program Chair: Lonnie Rowell, University of San Diego
       Sec/Treasurer:   Barbara Kawulich, University of West Georgia
       Web/Tech Officer: Margaret Riel 
       Communication Officer: Derrell Fincher, Pepperdine University

Leadership from 2009- 2012 
        Chair:                Margaret Riel, Pepperdine University
        Program Chair: Dannelle Stevens, Portland State University
        Sec/Treasurer:  Deniz Palak, North Carolina Central University
        Community Liaison:  Lonnie Rowell, University of San Diego
       Communication Officer: Derrel Fincher, Pepperdine University

Leadership  from  2008  - 2009 
        Chair:                Michael J. Brody,  Chair, College of Education, Montana State  University
        Program Chair: Arthur Bangert,  College of Education, Montana State  University

Leadership from 2006- 2007

          Chair:              Barbara Kawulich, University of West Georgia
          Sec/Treasurer: Sherri  Merritt 

Leadership from 2005- 2006
        Chair:                  Cher Hendricks , University of West Georgia
        Program Chair : Arlene Borthwick 
        Treasurer:           Barbara Kawulich, University of West Georgia

Newsletters from 2005 
Leadership from 2002- 2005
President:             Geoff Mills, Dean of the School of Education, Southern Oregon University 
President-Elect:   Cher Hendricks,  
Program Chair:    Arlene Borthwick 
Treasurer:             Barbara Kawulich 

PLEASE help with this history and please if anyone knows where earlier versions of the Newsletter (Vol. 1-5) are stored, please send information to