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Welcome to the collaborative space for AERA Action Research Special Interest Group!

This is our space for interaction.  We want you to feel welcome and invite you to contribute.  This is both a website and wiki.  It is a website for all visitors, but it is a wiki-web for members (this means you can contribute).  If you are a member (and you are not signed in), go to the bottom of the page and on the left side of the menu you will see a login option. If you are signed in your name will appear at the top right, and there will be some icons,  a pen for editing the page, and a plus for new pages and then more options.  Please feel comfortable contributing-- this is OUR space. 

Congratulations to our newly elected officers

Donna Johnson, Tulane University, for Action Research SIG Chair

Debby Zambo, Arizona State U., for Secretary/Treasurer

Linnea Rademaker, Northcentral University, for Program Chair,

We hope you will start the process by selecting members and adding your name and information to the contact list.  If you want to see some of the places were action research is being done, take a look at the Action Research World Map.  Derrel Fincher, our web master has created a google map with many of our sites.  If you don't see your favorite center for action research listed, contact Derrel.  It would be great to have the globe covered with markers.  Also you are welcome to use this site as a place to keep information about your action research activities.  I will start with a page about what we are doing as a sample.  You are welcome to create your entry in the  Action Research World.

We have also create a space for planning for AERA meetings.  We have the sessions for AEARA 2014 

You can also find information about past sessions on this wiki-website and add your materials. 
 AERA 2013 

Here is the link to join AERA Action Research SIG

If you are new to google sites, there are two videos to help you learn how to work in google sites: 
1) overview of google sites and 
2)  learn how to use this site-- they are both short and watching these videos will help you become an expert.

There is also now  a Tech HELP! section to help you get started with two videos directly linked to this site. 

I have also added a sandbox for you to experiment with if you what to test our your wiki editing skills.   

Welcome and help us build and share in our action research world!

The 2013-14 Officers of the AERA AR

Chair: Donna Johnson, Tulane University, 

Program Chair: nnea Rademaker, Northcentral University, for Program Chair,

Sec/Tres: Debby Zambo, Arizona State U., for

Webmaster Committee Chair: Margaret Riel
Communication Officer: Elana Plush 

Updates from the AR SIG Officers:

Posts by SIG Officers

March 20, 2013 
Hello action researchers,

We had a powerful slate of candidates!  I am so pleased that so many of you stepped up and took the risk to run for office.  We hope you all stay involved with the SIG and continue to make it a viable and active SIG that serves its members.

I am pleased to announce that we have elected three new SIG officers for next year.

Donna Johnson, Tulane University, for Action Research SIG Chair

Debby Zambo, Arizona State U., for Secretary/Treasurer

Linnea Rademaker, Northcentral University, for Program Chair,

I have linked their bios from the election so you all can reacquaint yourselves with your new officers.

Best wishes,
Dannelle D. Stevens, Ph.D., Professor

March 15, 2013 
Hello Action Researchers, 
We are looking forward to see you soon at the AERA conference.  
As you know the conference program is posted on AERA but we
also post  the Action Research session on our website so that you
can have ready access to shorter listing of the sessions.  You will
find this listing on the 
AERA Conference 2014 page. At the bottom
of the page is a file that you can import into your calendar program
to have a listing of the SIG sessions on your personal calendar. 
We also wanted to let you know that a large number of AR SIG
members will also be attending the Action Research Network of
the Americas Conference, May 22-24 in Bethlehem, PA.  There
is still time to 
submit a proposal but you would need to hurry
We look forward to seeing you at either or both of these conferences. 
Margaret Riel 
AERA WebMaster
December 16,  2013

Hello, Action Researchers,

I have just submitted the slate of candidates for Action Research SIG officers for 2014. Officers in our SIG hold the position for one year.  When AERA sends you your ballot, make sure you vote. Watch out for membership renewal information so that you can vote!  Join the SIG this year and help us continue to build the strong base we have had in the past!

The slate of candidates is posted so you can have a preview of your election choices.

Also, at the business meeting, I would like to have a panel of journal editors who accept research papers using an action research methodology.  We can talk about criteria for these papers.  We will provide a list of journals as well. Do join us for the Action Research Business meeting at AERA!

Best regards,
Dannelle, Chair

November 14, 2013

Hi, I just got the word from AERA about the elections.  I need to submit by DECEMBER 15 the following information for each candidate.  Thank you all of you who have stepped up.  I think it is good to run even with a full slate of candidates just so the SIG can see your name and know you are interested in SIG leadership!  You can still self-nominate or nominate others.  This will be a lively election!

name     institution  bio (up to 250 words)

I will list below those who are the candidates for each position so far.

Barbara Kawulich, University of West Georgia, bio in
Jennifer Robins, Univ. of Central Missouri, bio in

Program Chair:
Linnea Rademaker, Northcentral U., bio in
Megan Manfra, North Carolina State U., bio in
Chastity Lasley, Scholars for Change, 

Ellen Reames, Auburn U., bio in
Debby Zambo, Arizona State U.
Megan Call-Cummings, Indiana U., bio in