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Congratulations to our newest slate of elected Executive Board Members. These officers work to ensure our SIG's success.
Donna Johnson, Independent Scholar, Action Research SIG Chair  djphoenix46@yahoo.com
Debby Zambo, Arizona State U.,  Secretary/Treasurer 
Linnea Rademaker, Northcentral University,  Program Chair,  Lrademaker2@gmail.com
Webmaster Committee Chair: Margaret Riel, Center for Collaborative Action Research, Pepperdine University mriel@pepperdine.edu
Communication Officer: Elena Polush, Ball State University, eypolush@bsu.edu 

      Action Research SIG Chair 

              Fall 2015 Update 

October/November 2015

Hello Action Research SIG Members:

Happy Autumn! I hope that you are all doing well.  Here are a few fall updates. 

SIG Executive Board Elections Are Coming Soon. Get involved!!

The AERA General Election is about fourteen weeks away. This is your opportunity to run for election and to hold an important Action Research SIG leadership position, or to help out with the election. New elected terms begin in April 2016, during the AERA Annual Meeting. Those running for election should plan to attend the conference if elected (or not). The following positions will be on the 2016 SIG election ballot:

*Chair (two year term)

*Program Chair (2 year term)

*Secretary (two year term)

Here is how Action Research SIG members can get involved:

Run For Elected OfficeSubmit a self-nomination document by the November 15 deadline (11:59 pm): Include your name, title and contact information at top of page in left hand corner. This should be followed by a 300 word statement (Anything over the limit will be deleted before review). State the position that you are running for and why? Also, discuss any leadership experience that you have, particularly within AERA and/or the Action Research SIG, that qualifies you for the position. All nominations should be emailed to: Donna Johnson at djphoenix46@yahoo.com. 

- Serve on the AR SIG Nominating Committee: Volunteer by Monday, November 2nd. The Nominating Committee will coordinate the SIG election process, with the support of the SIG Executive committee. We need three members to serve on this committee. If interested please email: Donna Johnson at djphoenix46@yahoo.com, as soon as possible.



                Action Research SIG 

             Best Paper Awards - 2016

The Action Research Best Paper Awards are on the horizon again. This year in honor of the 2016 AERA annual meeting goal: forging a closer nexus between the ivory tower and professions/work spaces on the ground that our research impacts. Also, in honor of the increasing number of graduate students who have responded to our membership call, the Action Research SIG will provide awards in the two following areas:

                            *Practitioner Award

                            *Dissertation Award

We Need Volunteers to Serve on the Selection Committee!

Eight members are needed to coordinate the paper submission and review process, and to choose the best papers. Volunteers will work in two separate, but connected teams. Interested persons should contact Dr. Donna Johnson at djphoenix46@yahoo.com, by Monday, November 15, 2015. 

Awards Timeline

November 15   Last Day for Volunteers to Notify SIG Chair of 

                         Decision to Join Awards Committee

January 15       Deadline for paper submission (All papers)

February 12     Award winners will be notified of their papers' award

Awards Criteria

See specific criteria for awards below. 

Winners will receive $250 and a plaque if their paper is chosen by the selection committee. They are expected to attend the AERA 2016 Annual Meeting, where they will receive their awards. Winners will also present a synopsis of their papers at the Action Research Business Meeting and attend the AERA Annual Awards luncheon while at the conference. Winner's name and paper will be promoted on the Action Research SIG website and in publications.

*General Selection Criteria for both papers:

a) Action Research focus of project

b) Research design and methodological rigor

c) Results, interpretation, discussion, and/or 


d) Implications and recommendations for continuing the action research cycle

e) Contribution to the field of action research

NOTE: Researchers: Submit all papers with an APA formatted cover page with full title & contact information (home and work) & 200 word professional bio.

*Practitioner Award Criteria

 Description of the Award: The Practitioner Award is given to a professional in the field or a community member/team who submits a 

report of their community action research that best exemplifies the principles of Action Research and/or that advances best research 


Eligibility Criteria:

a) The awardee(s) does/do not need to be a member of the AR     SIG or of AERA. 

b) Must have submitted paper for presentation at the 2016        

    AERA Annual Meeting 

b) Submitted paper must have been selected for presentation 

    at the meeting

c) Report must meet criteria outlined in above award 


*Dissertation Award Criteria:

  Description of the Award: This award is given to a graduate student who submits a summary report of their action-research-based 


        Eligibility Criteria

           a) Need NOT be a member of AERA

           b) Need NOT be a member of the Action Research SIG

           c) Dissertation completed between November 1, 2014 to 

               November 1, 2015

          d) Submitted by graduate student (synopsis up to ten pages)

          e) Verified by dissertation chair (verification letter included                     with report)




September 15, 2015



Dear Members:

Greetings to all. I hope that those of you who are working in schools, colleges and universities are off to an exciting start this academic year. I also want to wish other researchers the best in their endeavors as well, and to welcome new members. 

Presently we have 287 members. I'm proud to announce that we have had a significant increase in graduate students among our SIG membership this year.

So much has happened since I last reached out, shortly before the AERA meeting last April. I lost a close family member and had to take some time away. I want to thank members of our Executive team for taking care of things during that period, particularly Llenea Rademaker.

We had a great time at the 2015 AERA Annual Meeting. Our SIG gave away our first research awards, and hosted a Practitioner Researcher's Breakfast meeting designed to build community and mutual exchange between SIGS that have similar goals as ours. We also had really great paper sessions, and a super business meeting/meet and greet. Members - old and new came out to make last year's annual meeting a success. 

The 2016 AERA meeting with be held in Washington, D.C. next year (April 8th - 12th). The meeting theme is Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies. Next year's meeting promises to be even better than our recent one. AERA will unveil new and innovative presentation formats, a host of exciting speakers, a new film series, and more community-based sessions. There will be a number of Washington policy-makers in attendance to hear from members, and our SIG will co-host our first Presidential Session entitled, "Innovative Methodologies for Public Scholarship" (More information to come about this session). All are strongly encouraged to attend.

I also want to encourage members to support our sister organization -- the Action Research Association of the Americas (ARNA). You can learn more about ARNA at http://www.arnaconnect.org/. If you are interested in serving as our ARNA liaison please drop me a line. We are looking for a person who is willing to serve as a bridge -- to foster open and timely communications between the two groups.

Current members of our Executive Committee will be stepping down in 2016 at the upcoming AERA Annual Meeting, so there will be a need for a new president, program chair and secretary. I want to encourage all members with an interest to run for office. Elections will take place at the beginning of the upcoming new year. Nominations will be due in late November. I will provide you with more detailed information about qualifications, election dates and guidelines soon. 

Please visit our site often and add information that you feel would be of interest and use to our members. 

Thanks and Best Wishes

Dr. Donna Johnson


Updates From AR SIG Officers:

                                     APRIL 2015

We hope to see all of our members at the upcoming AERA Annual Meeting in Chicago in a few weeks (April 16 - 20). To find out what sessions will be offered by our SIG, our business meeting information, conference highlights, etc., please check out information that our officers have put together under the "AREA Conference 2015" . We have provided a daily outline of events and recommended sessions. Also please come to our Community/Business meeting on April 17 and reflect on the meaning of action reseash. NOTE: AERA is live-streaming major sessions so that those who are not attending can participate via their computers.  Check out the AERA annual meeting page for more information. Peace.

__________________________________________________________                 March 2015


Dr. Donna Johnson, Action Research SIG Chair has a new book out (with co-editor Alice Ginsberg) entitled, Difficult Dialogues About 21st Century Girls. Published by SUNY Press, this new text presents cutting-edge research from transnational activist-scholars working and leading in the field of girls studies.

It also presents new conceptual frames, research designs and data-collection methods particular to work with girls, as well as innovative girls-centered program designs, and ends each chapter with questions and activities that promote deeper reflection, dialogue and engagement in extended activities related to the chapter theme or subject.

Editors consistently pair critical research on topics such as differential privilege, voice, cultural values, and access to material resources, with provocative questions throughout, in order to further thinking about issues that are often marginalized or overlooked in feminist domains. They also raise important and challenging questions about the evolution and direction of the field of girls studies, a relatively new discipline and research area that is rapidly growing. Difficult Dialogues concludes with a dialogue between some of the leading scholars in the field, moderated by Dr. Johnson.

When catching up with and interviewing Donna, she had this to share:                                                                                     

Girls studies has many things in common with Action Research. Primary among them is the liberatory and empowering nature of both areas of inquiry. Action research seeks transformative change through the simultaneous process of action and research. Its goal is to promote self-change and continuous improvement among practitioners, primarily in the field of education. Much of girls studies research is practitioner - based as well, and developed with the goal of involving girls in the research process, interjecting their voices, and centering the research around their needs, rather than simply making them the objects of studies conducted about them. In a similar fashion, Action research places the researcher in the middle of the problem under-study and not on the outside as an observer.

Activism is the heart of girls studies, so researchers who enter the field are commonly activist - scholars rather than simply being ivy-tower based. As such much of the research is critical, and conducted by those on the ground for use in expanding girls' opportunities and improving their quality of life, and often includes program evaluations, promoting best practices in girls-centered programs/interventions, and for promoting equality in public policy. Like in Action Research, there is no presumption of neutrality.

My current scholarship focuses on developing mixed-methods research studies that merge feminist frames and girls studies methods with Action Research.

Dr. Johnson will be available to sign her book at the SUNY PRESS Booth at 2015 AERA ANNUAL MEETING on April 18.


February 2015

 AERA Action Research SIG 2015 Best Paper Award Winners

 The AERA Action Research SIG is honored to announce its first annual Best Paper Award winners. The selected work represents the highest standard of research in our field. Awardees are provided with a $250 cash award, an official AERA plaque and the opportunity to have their work posted on this website.

Award Winning Paper Title:                               Democratizing Teacher Candidates’ Preparation for Urban Settings: Action Research on the Urban Education Fellows Program

Award Winning Scholars/Authors:                                     *Dr. Laura Bower                                                              *Dr. Helen Marx

We congratulate Laura and Helen and look forward to their presentation of their award-winning paper as part of our SIG's Annual Business Meting (Date TBA), at the upcoming 2015 AERA Annual Meeting. Their presentation will address the AERA/AR SIG Annual Theme: Action Research Changing the World Through Education, Praxis, Research Theory, Policy and Social Justice.



The AERA Action Research SIG is hosting a breakfast meeting on Friday, April 17th (Time and Location TBA) during the 2015 AERA Annual Meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss possible events that Practitioner Researchers can work collaboratively to offer at the 2016 AERA Annual Meeting next year in Washington, D.C. Also, to discuss the possibility of forming a Participatory Research Division in the future, where researchers can align their resources and supports under one umbrella. The discussion of there being a division for Participant-based research SIGs has been floating around for some time. Those with an interest should contact their SIG chair. SIG leaders are encouraged to collect feedback and/or questions from members in advance as attendance at the meeting is limited to two members from each SIG, in order to ensure that all SIG representatives are heard. Feel free to contact Dr. Donna Johnson (djphoenix46@yahoo.com) directly with questions.   


New Hub for Practitioner – Based Researchers at AERA on Facebook

All SIGs with a practitioner research focus are invited to join us on Facebook.  

There are about 40 SIGs at AERA who fit under the umbrella of practitioner – based research. Members are commonly drawn to sessions presented by members from other similar and overlapping SIGs during our annual meetings.

The Action Research SIG has established a new Facebook page for all in these SIGs to use. This new page allows the practitioner researchers at AERA to build a collaborative professional community and network, where all are free to post questions, chat, share new knowledge, explore the intersections and contrasts between our work, and where we can communicate across SIG lines in a supportive and productive manner.

Members are encouraged to post information about their research and professional activities to this page. They are also encouraged to post about SIG members and events, emerging research, happenings in the field, jobs, and more. Join this Participant Research community by going to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/784065658354598/. Contact Jennifer Robins at jrobins@ucmo.edu, for more information about the page.


December 10, 2014



Dr. Donna Johnson

AERA Action Research SIG Chair



Thank you so much for joining and continuing to support the AERA Action Research SIG.  Our officers so appreciate your membership, and are happy to work on your behalves. We are now 300 members strong, and our movement continues to grow.

Social Justice and Contemporary Action Research Agendas:

There are spontaneous protests going on in the United States that cross racial, socio-economic, age and gender lines. The spark may have been police brutality, however, what is happening appears to be about so much more, including a demand for better education, jobs and social opportunities for all Americans, as well as a lack of trust in the political system and the belief that American citizens will have to take things into their own hands, if things are ever going to get better. In fact, you can see this movement taking place around the world.

Embodied in many of these uprisings is the same commitment to responsible social change and the belief that the world can be better, that underlies action research. Throughout its history, action research has been used as a critical tool for liberation. As David Coghlan (2006) states: Action research has become recognized as a form of research which regularly challenges {established conventions}, unjust and undemocratic economic, social and political systems and practices.


As 2014 closes and another year begins with thousands of Americans taking to the streets in pursuit of equality and social change, I am left to ponder what the role of the action researcher is in all of this?  What implications and opportunities do recent events have for our work? How can our research aid in the process of national growth and evolution that is taking place in our streets, on our college campuses and within our families, communities and government? How do we move forward as the activist – scholars that we often claim to be? How do we lead and have a significant impact on public policy and promote more equitable practices and conditions within the professional communities where we work, and the neighborhoods that we live in?

I want to encourage our members to continue to think about how we can use our research to promote a more perfect union.  When looking across the broader research community, we should more than any other group of scholars, have a distinct voice and position on the change that is taking place.

I wish everyone a happy holiday and the best in the coming year!_________________________________________________________

November 25, 2014

AERA Action Research SIG’s

2015 Best Paper Award

Volunteer to serve as a

Reviewer or as Award

Committee Member today!

The Executive Committee of the AERA Action Research SIG is excited to announce the opening of our 2015 Best Action Research Paper Award competition. This is the first award offered by our SIG, and will be the first in a series of annual competitions.

The goal of the award is to promote community, scholastic exchange, rigor, innovation and activism, within the field of Action Research.

Scholars will be awarded $250 cash award and an official AERA plaque for winning papers. His or her picture and profile will also be posted on the AR SIG website, along with a paper synopsis.

Competition Details:

Only papers selected by reviewers to be presented at the 2015 AERA Annual Meeting in Chicago are eligible for the Best Paper Award this year. Completed papers/manuscripts must be submitted by 5pm on Friday, January 2, 2015, to be considered for the award (Late papers will not be considered).  Winners will be announced via email, list-serv and on the AR SIG website on Monday, February 16, 2015.  Interested persons should submit papers to AR SIG

Secretary, Debby Zambo at Debby.Zambo@asu.edu.

We need volunteers!

Any help that we can get from volunteers is greatly appreciated. Our community thrives when we give. We thrive as professionals and as researchers when we have a strong SIG and community. Contact Debby Zambo at Debby.Zambo@asu.edu, by Friday, December 5th, if you would like to volunteer. We need people to serve in the following roles:

*Paper Reviewers: These committed individuals will dedicate about eight hours of their time (between January 4 – 24) to review approximately 5 – 7 papers, to evaluate them using a rubric supplied by the Award Committee and to return ratings back to committee members.

*Award Committee Members: These generous spirits volunteer to coordinate award program activities, working in collaboration with the AR SIG Secretary. This includes briefly reviewing, logging – in and assigning papers to reviewers. Then, following up with them. Creating a rubric for assessing papers and a ratings reporting sheet so that reviewers can log in all of their scores and comments on one sheet. Collecting ratings/comments forms from reviewers at the end of the review period, meeting to total scores, and to determine the winning paper. Communicating winner’s information to the AR SIG Secretary (who will then inform the SIG Chair), and assisting with designing/ordering the plaque and giving the award. This job will require about 8 - 10 hours of time between January 4th and February15th, and about 5 hours right before/during annual meeting) .

Thanks. Dr. Donna Johnson, AR SIG Chair


After following up with the AERA Executive Committee regarding elections, I was able to confirm that our SIG is not due to have elections until 2016. We were initially informed that we would mandatorily need to run elections now, but this information was incorrect and has been confirmed per our bylaws. There will be no new Executive Board elections until 2016. Thanks.
Dr. Donna Johnson, AR SIG Chair


ARSIG Program for the 2015 Conference:

A big thank you from your program chair for everyone who volunteered to review, be a session chair, or to be a discussant.  We had over 55 submissions to our SIG, and the sessions have been created and notices sent out.  I could not have done this without our fantastic AR SIG members.  

Watch this space for updates on the 2015 conference sessions.
Linnea Rademaker, Program Chair

ARNA 2014 Membership Drive

As action researchers, we seek to connect with other action researchers in order to improve practice and improve our understanding of action research practices.  Concurrent with your AERA membership renewal, we invite you to consider membership in ARNA, and connect with action researchers throughout the Americas, and the world.  Membership in ARNA connects you with others, and supports the sustainable practices of shared information.  We also host a similar wiki-website in which, as a member, you have the ability to participate and create.  Check out our new interest groups, our facebook presence, and our hosting of Peter Richmond's Action Research Blog.  Become a member to become involved!

Posts by SIG Officers

August 15, 2014

Action Research SIG meets the Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA).

Hello, fellow action researchers!  I do hope everyone is enjoying their summer, whether vacationing or working.  I would like to take a moment to introduce you to Elena Polush, who is our liaison to the Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA).  You can learn more about ARNA by going to www.arnaconnect.org

We are excited to have a liaison between the two organizations.  We are also excited to meet with you all next year at AERA 2015 in Chicago.  We encourage you to also think about proposing for ARNA 2015, which will be in Toronto in May, 2015 (more info about that conference on the ARNA website).

Together, our two organizations have the power to change the force of action research for good in diverse practitioner contexts.  I encourage you to get involved.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a paper to the AR SIG.  Those papers have been sent out for review, and I thank our reviewers for their hard work.

Best wishes,

Linnea Rademaker, Program Chair 2014-2015

June 19, 2014

AERA 2015 AR-SIG Call for Proposals

You have one month to submit your proposals!!!!!

Conference Theme: Toward Justice: Culture, Language, and Heritage in Education Research and Praxis

Submission Deadline: July 22, 2014, 11:59PM Pacific Time

Call Details:

This year AERA call encourages submissions that consider how education praxis, research, theory and policy can change the world – toward justice. Given this theme, the Action Research Sis welcomes submissions that highlight how action research encourages the examine of injustices and conceptualizes and fights for justice.  Since most, if not all, action research is about empowering others to assert ownership of the process of change, this work is an important part of the conference.   Action research is one of the best ways of blending research and praxis for the social good. 

Specifically, the ACTION RESEARCH SIG invites papers that present action research reports, action research theoretical papers, and examples of action research from practitioners' perspectives.  Presentations will be delegated to paper presentations, and roundtables, with a few papers grouped for poster presentations.   Please be specific in your willingness to present in particular (or multiple) formats. 

The Action  Research SIG strongly encourages submissions that emphasize the democratic and recursive nature of action research.  In keeping with the AERA conference theme, presentations that emphasize how justice is promoted via action research, and those presentations that promote the history and legacy of action research are also welcome. 



We invite scholars from all divisions and SIGs to submit proposals. The AERA online submission system is now open, and details about the formal call for proposals and the July 22, 2014 deadline can be found at http://www.aera.net/EventsMeetings/tabid/10063/Default.aspx.

As a reminder, paper and session submissions must not identify the author(s) in any way. Proposals for papers, posters, roundtables, and symposia/sessions are invited, and innovative session designs are encouraged. In order to accommodate flexibility in program decisions, please select all of the formats in which you would be willing to present your work; every year there are far more spots available for poster presentations and roundtable papers than individual papers and symposia. Please also note that ‘working group roundtables’ and ‘structured poster sessions’ count as symposia (even though they are named to suggest otherwise), and thus compete against numerous other proposed sessions for a small number of slots.

Please share this call for proposals with all who may be interested. The number of sessions allocated to each SIG is determined by the number of proposals and the size of our active membership. Please consider our SIG as a place to share your work, and renew your SIG membership when you submit your proposals. Encourage students and colleagues to join our SIG too.

All information about the annual meeting can be found at http://www.aera.net. You can also go there to volunteer to serve as a session chair or discussant for Action Research SIG sessions at the 2015 meeting. These are especially important roles for senior scholars, in order to provide leadership and mentoring.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Donna & Linnea
AERA Action  SIG  Chair and Program Chair


April 24, 2014

By Debby Zambo

Our Community/Business Meeting Minutes from AERA 2014 are posted and ready for comments. 

April 24, 2014

By Debbi Zambo

Javarro Russell asked me to share this information with our SIG: 

 My name is Javarro Russell. I am a Board Member of the Northeastern Educational Research Association (NERA) an affiliate of AERA. This year I am a co-chair of the fall 45th Annual Conference in Trumbull, CT. I am writing you in hopes that you could provide your members with our call for proposals. This is an excellent conference for those that are interested in another opportunity outside of AERA to present their research or participate in professional development. Attached is our current call for proposals. I¹ve also attached our most recent newsletter so that your members can have a sense of what to expect from our conference experience. You can also obtain the newsletter by using the following link:http://www.nera-education.org/newsletter/NERA_Researcher_Winter_2014.pdf
Thanks for helping me get the word out. Please contact me if you have an questions.

April 21, 2014 - Reviewers for AERA SIG 2015

NOTE:Please remember to register as a reviewer on the AERA website by May 9. The system closes to self-volunteering at that time. 


Report on Potential AR Awards--AR SIG Business Meeting, April 6, 2014

By Linnea Rademaker, Program Chair, 2014-2015

Four of us discussed the need for recognition of Action Research that is occurring in our communities.  We discussed a potential outstanding dissertation award (for a graduate student), a community action researcher/practitioner award, and a best paper award (to be given to an accepted paper author for the 2015 conference).  Since the AR SIG does not currently have any AERA approved awards, we have to submit our proposals to the SIG executive committee by May 1 to be heard at the June board meeting of AERA.  Once approved, we can then discuss as members: 1) the details of each award; and, 2) whether we want to give all three in one year or rotate.  Please contact me with your comments, questions, or ideas.  Linnea Rademaker (lrademaker2@gmail.com)

Report on Outreach Discussion – AR SIG Business Meeting, April 6, 2014

By Lonnie Rowell, Program Chair, 2012-2014

  A small number of individuals (n=4) participated in a discussion of future  directions for the Community Outreach initiative of the AR SIG.  Program
Chair Rowell reported that he would not be participating in the initiative for the foreseeable future, and that he was hoping that another SIG member might step up to take the lead in planning an activity or activities for the next AERA Conference. Although no one at the meeting did take on the role of initiator, some ideas were shared regarding keeping the initiative going. Main points included: (more on updates for AR SIG Officers)

March 20, 2014 
Hello action researchers,

We had a powerful slate of candidates!  I am so pleased that so many of you stepped up and took the risk to run for office.  We hope you all stay involved with the SIG and continue to make it a viable and active SIG that serves its members.

I am pleased to announce that we have elected three new SIG officers for next year.

Donna Johnson, Tulane University, for Action Research SIG Chair

Debby Zambo, Arizona State U., for Secretary/Treasurer  debby.zambo@asu.edu

Linnea Rademaker, Northcentral University, for Program Chair,  Lrademaker2@gmail.com

I have linked their bios from the election so you all can reacquaint yourselves with your new officers.

Best wishes,
Dannelle D. Stevens, Ph.D., Professor

March 15, 2013 
Hello Action Researchers, 
We are looking forward to see you soon at the AERA conference.   As you know the conference program is posted on AERA but we also post  the Action Research session on our website so that you can have ready access to shorter listing of the sessions.  You will find this listing on the AERA Conference 2014 page. At the bottom
of the page is a file that you can import into your calendar program to have a listing of the SIG sessions on your personal calendar. 
We also wanted to let you know that a large number of AR SIG
members will also be attending the Action Research Network of the Americas Conference, May 22-24 in Bethlehem, PA.  There is still time to 
submit a proposal but you would need to hurry
We look forward to seeing you at either or both of these conferences. 
Margaret Riel 
AERA WebMaster
December 16,  2013

Hello, Action Researchers,

I have just submitted the slate of candidates for Action Research SIG officers for 2014. Officers in our SIG hold the position for one year.  When AERA sends you your ballot, make sure you vote. Watch out for membership renewal information so that you can vote!  Join the SIG this year and help us continue to build the strong base we have had in the past!

The slate of candidates is posted so you can have a preview of your election choices.

Also, at the business meeting, I would like to have a panel of journal editors who accept research papers using an action research methodology.  We can talk about criteria for these papers.  We will provide a list of journals as well. Do join us for the Action Research Business meeting at AERA!

Best regards,
Dannelle, Chair