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Front row:   Dr. Michelle Kelley, Dr. Elaine Justice, Dr. Cathy Lau-Barraco, Tyler Mason, Gabby D'Lima, Ann Edwards, Adrian Bravo, Brynn Sheehan, Julia Zaharieva, Amy Stamates, Dr. Abby Braitman
Back row:   Ashley Linden-Carmichael, Dr. James Paulson, Dr. Ivan Ash, Dr. Martin Smith-Rodden, Blake Bent, Dr. Phil Langlais, Ralitsa Maduro, Isabel Buss Balk, Dr. Bryan Porter




Applied Psychological Sciences (formerly Applied Experimental Psychology) at Old Dominion University:


The APS program is designed to provide (a) broad doctoral training firmly based on psychological theory and basic behavioral science, (b) greater depth of knowledge broadly spread over the fundamental areas of experimental psychology, and (c) concentration in an area of experimental psychology for applied settings. We emphasize training in research methods and statistics, and allow students to progress into areas relevant to their own interests.  The general philosophy and plan of the Applied Psychological Sciences program at ODU is to provide graduate training consisting of four phases:

  1. A core of basic psychology, acquired primarily at the mater's level,
  2. In-depth training in statistics, methodology, and grant and manuscript writing,
  3. Research experience in a field of applied psychology,
  4. Completion of a dissertation representing a significant contribution to applied psychology.  For example, two research fields with which numerous faculty members are involved are health psychology and developmental psychology.



What is the Applied Experimental Psychology Student Association (AEPSA)?


AEPSA was established for the expressed purpose of serving the needs of the applied psychological sciences program. In addition it serves the purpose of developing leadership skills as well as an awareness of social responsibilities to encourage students to participate in public affairs within applied experimental psychology. It was founded in 2006.



Why choose Applied Psychological Sciences?

Applied Psychological Sciences (APS) applies research principles to solving real-world practical problems. It promotes the development and application of psychological principles, knowledge, and research to improve technology, systems, communication and information, transportation, decision making, community settings, and living environments. The goal is safer, more effective, and more reliable systems through an improved understanding of the user's requirements. At ODU, we do research in the areas of traffic safety, program evaluation, health (including substance use), cognition, families, and more.


Why choose Old Dominion University?

The psychology department at Old Dominion University embraces the philosophy that student-faculty interaction plays an essential role in the learning process and extends research, social, and educational opportunities to students within the department. Faculty members represent a broad spectrum of areas in applied psychology and encourage students to combine a breadth of coursework with research and practicum experiences as the basis of their degree program. The faculty provide amazing resources and are very accessible to students. It's a small university with a personal feel, combined with the research opportunities often found at larger universities.