Meghan Haggblade is a 4th year Environmental Management and Protection major, and minoring in Anthropology and Geography. She has been a member of AEP since freshman year, and previously served as an AgCouncil Representative. Over the summer she worked at REC Solar in San Luis Obispo, and is currently working for the Center for Sustainability at Cal Poly.

She loves to be outdoors, whether it's hiking or hanging out at the beach. She also loves to play piano and sing, if she ever has a free moment. Meghan has had a wonderful experience at Cal Poly and isn't quite ready to leave, but is excited to be out in the "real world". She hopes that she can make her last year a great one for AEP.

Emily Mendoza is a fourth year Environmental Management and Protection major.  She is passionate about saving the environment and the animals it contains.   She loves being out into the field and being surrounded the great outdoors! After college she would like to do research with non-profit conservation programs. Emily is a strong believer in outreach and it would be amazing if she got the opportunity to reach out to the general public to get them interested in conservation. Cal Poly AEP has been an amazing experience and has helped her steer her career in the right path. "I hope you get as much as I did!"

Lacey Kenyon is a fourth year Environmental Management and Protection Major and a second year member of AEP.  She loves to be outdoors hiking, biking, or running.  She works part-time a local bike shop in town.  She will be graduating this Spring.  This past summer she worked as the environmental compliance intern at the corporate office of Recology in San Francisco.  She hopes to work in the solid waste industry after graduating. 

Treasurer: Brandon Bessler

Major: Environmental Management and Protection

Concentration: Sustainable Business (Individualized) 

Brandon Bessler is currently a third year Environmental Management and Protection major and has been a part of AEP for two years now. He is excited for this year and all the new professional connections, internships, and friends that will be made through the club. He works at Starbucks on campus and interned for an Environmental Consultant over the summer. In his free time Brandon likes to go on hikes, hang out with friends, and enjoys anything outdoors. Brandon is really excited to meet all the new members this year and to help people make as many connections as they can!

Indigo Bannister, ENVM major, concentrating in Watershed Management and Hydrology, minoring in GIS.

Indigo Bannister is a second year student at Cal Poly and joined AEP in her freshman year.  Originally from Santa Rosa, CA, she spent her summer volunteering for the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation and Coastwalk California, both environmental non profits.  She is looking forward to organizing events for this years AEP members and looks forward to meeting them all.  Outside of class and AEP you can most likely find her out swing dancing or hiking.

Patrick Kallas is a Second year Environmental Management and Protection major with a Concentration in Watershed Management and Hydrology. He enjoys painting plastic models, hiking, swing dancing, and adventuring. He loves to meet new people and share information about his major and hopes to pass everything he learns to anyone who wants to know. During thesummer he spent time in San Diego and Lake Tahoe and identified trees with awesome dendrology skills. He hopes to spend a greatyear with all the new members, feel free to say hi when you see him.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Thompson,

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