What is AEP?

The Association of Environmental Professionals Cal Poly Student Chapter provides its members with numerous opportunities to network with professionals and fellow students who share a common concern for the environment. Club members organize outdoor activities, visits to environmentally-oriented companies, and community service endeavors throughout the California's central coast.

Current Officers

Meghan Haggblade (President) 
Emily Mendoza (Vice President)
Lacey Kenyon (Secretary)
Brandon Bessler (Treasurer) 
Indigo Bannister & Patrick Kallas (AG Council Representative)

For more information about our club officers, please see our Officers page.

Meetings and Events

Our AEP Student Chapter meets twice per month on Cal Poly Campus. We often invite speakers from relevant fields to give presentations about their careers and organizations. To view recent meeting minutes and event details, please visit our News page.

Where: Cal Poly Bldg 11- Room 104 (Agricultural Science building)
When: Twice a month, Thursdays from 11-12pm (For full schedule, please visit our Calendar page)

We also organize and participate in volunteer work and campus-wide club events. To view a full schedule of these events, please see our Calendar page.

Membership Information

As a Cal Poly student, you may choose to be a member of the Cal Poly AEP Student Chapter for $20.

The benefits of being a student member of the professional chapter include receiving a quarterly newsletter, electronic invites to upcoming mixers, updated versions of CEQA, and environmental legislation updates. To become a student member of the professional chapter, complete and mail the 
application form. For more information, visit the Channel Counties AEP Chapter website.

We ask that those who attend our club meetings become members of the Cal Poly Chapter because those club dues go directly to club activities. To become a member of the Cal Poly Chapter, come to our meetings to pay your dues and give us your contact information. As a member, you are also entitled to a shirt.

Professional Benefits

  • AEP Professional Chapter mixers are held throughout the central coast. Students have the opportunity to mingle with local professional members of the organization and form lasting connections that will be invaluable when time comes to search for career or internship opportunities.
  • AEP holds an annual state conference and interested members may attend. A hands-on experience, this is where professionals meet to discuss issues facing the organization and the professional arena as a whole. This year's conference will be held March 6-9th in Monterey, CA. Visit the AEP 2011 Annual Conference website.
  • Members assist the AEP Professional Chapter in hosting the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Conferences held biannually. Once again, this is a great chance to interact with professionals and to gain knowledge regarding current environmental issues.
  • AEP Student Chapter welcomes guest speakers to Cal Poly on an average of once per month. These speakers are local professionals who provide keen insight about their job and the current climate of the environmental professional community .

Social Benefits

  • Camping trips, volunteer activities, and hikes to areas such as Santa Margarita Lake and Swanton Pacific Ranch are regularly scheduled.
  • Most importantly, lasting relationships are formed between members; after graduation, members often encounter each other and work together in the professional realm.

Scholastic Benefits

  • The club serves as an integral network; members usually take similar classes, thus enabling them to study and even work together on projects.
  • Members are also invited to apply for two scholarships that are donated by the professional members of the local chapter.

For questions, email us at aepclub@gmail.com.