Orders of General Education and DPI

Notification : District Merit Scholarship:2010-11

Notification : Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship (SJMS) 2010-11

Notifcation : State Merit Scholarship (SMS)2010-11

Notification : Muslim Girls Scholarship (MGS)2010-11

Promotion,Transfer and Posting of Educational Officers

Retention of full time posts by virtue of Group "C' diversion -canceled- Order issued

Inter district Transfer 2009 -2010
Instructions for HMs/AEOs and DEOs

General Education - IT Fest 2010

Appointment of Teachers in the Vacancy of OSS Teacher DPI 06-07-2010

Inculcate Scholarship

Secondary / Higher Secondary Exam 2010-11 Directions to Chief Superintends    Model Score Sheet

Census Earned Leave Gen Edn 30-06-2010

School Uniform Circular of DPI dt 13-05-2010

Details of Protected Teachers 2009-10 Palakkad District

Monitoring Committee for Text Book Distribution DPI 12-05-2010

VHSST Transfer Norms Gen Edn 22-05-2010

Swimming Signing of Certificate Gen Edn 12-05-2010

Single Window Admission Equating CBSE Grade with SSLC Gen Edn 17-05-2010

Price of School Text Books Gen Edn 10-05-2010

Govt Aided Employees Leave application Inclusion of Sevice Book G Edn 10-05-2010

LWA for Training before 24-05-2005 counting for benefits Gen Edn 28-04-2010

Application invited from HSAs and PD teachers for transfer to MRS Schools Press Relies

KSEPF Account Settling General Education 11-05-2010

English Parallel Division Clarification Gen Edn 06-01-2010

Age relaxation limited to three months Gen Edn 05-10-2010

Scholarships 2010-11 Order Circular and Working Calender

Muslim Schools Calender Change DPI 9-4-2010

Filling up of Vacancy in Panchayath Schools Gen Education 26-04-2010

Transfer Promotion and Posting in the Cadre of ADPI DDE DEO in Edn Department DDE 19-04-2010

Transfer and Promotion of AA, AO and APFO DPI 17-04-2010

Transfer and Posting of Senior Superintend and Supervisor(NF) DPI 17-04-2010

Compassionate ground inter district transfer DPI 25-03-2010  Priority List

Full Additional charge Gazetted Teaching Staff DPI 30-03-2010

Full Additional Charge Gazetted Ministerial Staff DPI 30-03-2010

Promotion and Posting in the cadre of HSST Principal Gen Edn 27-03-2010

Protection of Teachers facing reversion to lower posts Gen Edn 20-03-2010

Transfer of HSST Principals Gen Edn 27-03-2010

Infrastructure Devolepment of Minority Institutions Prioritized List of applications DPI

Transfer AA AO APFO General Education 11-03-2010

Select List for HSS Principal promotion approved by DPC Gen Edn 25-02-2010

SSLC Exam March 2010 Gulf Duty Gen Edn 25-02-2010

SSLC IT Practical Exam March 2010 Gulf Duty Gen Edn 25-02-2010

SSLC Exam March 2010 Lakshadeep Duty Gen Edn 25-02-2010

Claim under Rule 51A Clarification Gen Edn 27-01-2010

Vacation Training Earned Leave Surrender Gen Edn 30-01-2009

Vacation Training Earned Leave Surrender Gen Edn 12-08-05

General Transfer Gazetted Ministerial staff Application invited  28-01-2010

10 Standard IT Model Examination Commissioner of Examination 25-01-2010

Protection of Teachers by 1:40 Clarification Gen Edn 19-01-2010

Directorate of Public Instruction - Citizens Chart

Aided School Clerks Exempted from Departmental test Gen Education 18-01-2010

Appointment in Additional Divisions General Education 12-01-2010

Special Rice 5Kg to all No0n Feeding Children Gen Edn 06-01-2010

IT Award 2008-09

LSG Schools as Govt Schools Gen Edn 02-01-2010

Full Time Benefit to Part Time Specialist Teachers Gen Edn 31-12-2009

List of Specialist Teachers to whom are given Full Time Benefit

Collection of Confidential Report  for DPC (Lower & Higher) -2010  DPI 01-01-2010

HSAs not considered by DPC (Lower) - 2009 for want of CR

Provisional seniority List of HSAs from 01-01-1991 to 31-12-1996 DPI 24-11-2009

Authority for sanctioning alterations in the Name, Religion and Date of Birth of Pupils Gazette Notification 06-11-2009

Details of Protected Teachers 2009-10

Teachers appointed temporarily in Panchayath Schools regularized Gen Edn 21-11-09

IT Enabled Teacher Empowerment Training DPI 30-10-09

Wages of Noon Meal Cook Enhaned to Rs.100 per day General Education 23-10-2009

SSLC Examination 2010 Concession to CWSN Students - Commissioner of Exam 23-10-2009 

Orders of Finance Department

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme through Kerala State Insurance Department for the year 2011

5% increase in the basic pension/family pension to who retired/expired while in service during the period from 01.03.2002 to 30.06.2004

Encashment of DA Arrears of those who retire on or before 31-03-2011 Fin 05-10-2010

GIS New Schedule for deduction for SDOs

Instructions to fill PF Forms Fin 28-06-2010

Regularization of waiting for posting after leave Modified instructions Fin 19-06-2010

House Building Advance Application invited for 2010-11 Fin 15-06-2010

Leave With out Allowance restriction imposed Fin 07-06-2010

House building allowance allotment Fin 29-05-2010

Advance for mosquito net and Bicycle Fin 21-05-2010

Updating GIS Master data of Subscribers Fin 14-05-2010

Opening of PTSB account for Pensioners Fin 09-04-2010

Treasury Fixed Deposit Rate of interest enhanced Fin 08-04-2010

Recovery of Loans and Advances from Salary of April 2010 postponed Fin 11-03-2010

Income Tax deduction from Salaries 2009-10 Fin 20-01-2010

HBA Further Clarifications Fin 18-01-2010

Govt Primary HMs sanctioning authority of TA/NRA from GPF upto RS.50000 Fin 19-12-2009

Early Disbursement of Pay in Connection with Christmas Fin 15-12-2009

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme - Further Clarification Fin 11-12-2009

Panchayath Service reckoning for Pension Fin 19-11-09

Early Disbursement of Pay Fin 19-11-2009

GPAIS Renewed Fin 16-11-1956

DA 9% (64%) GO(P) 512/09 Fin Dated 18-11-09

House Building Advance Scheme to Govt Employees and Teachers reintroduced Fin 12-11-2009 Order and Application Form

Discontinuance of Authorization of Annual increment to Gazetted Officers through seperate Pay Slip Fin 02-11-2009

Classification of Govt Employees as Group A, B, C and D Fin 06-10-2009

Orders of Higher Secondary Department

 By Transfer Promotion of HSST (Jr)

Selection Committee for Teacher appointment in Aided Higher Secondary Schools - Prohibition of including Regional Deputy Director as Govt Nominee  GEdn 14-12-2009

Orders of Vocational Higher Secondary Department

List of Eligible incumbents for General Transfer 2009-10

Salary to General Foundation Course  Junior Teacher DVHSE 21-12-2009

Orders of Deputy Director of Education Palakkad

Promotion of Primary Teachers as Primary HM DDE 13-04-2010

Deployment of Protected Teachers (Aided) DDE 02-03-2010

LDC UDC Transfer and Posting DDE 30-12-2009

HSA Core Subjects Transfer DDE 15-12-2009

Primary Teacher Transfer Modified DDE 25-11-2009

Road Safety Circular and Oath

DDE Circular on Festivals and Collection 25-11-2009

Primary Teacher Transfer DDE 10-11-2009

Primary Teacher Promotion as HSA Core Subject DDE 23-10-2009

Primary Teacher Promotion as HSA Malayalam DDE 22-10-2009

Inter District Transfer (Core Subjects) DDE 22-10-2009

Other Important Orders

Census 2011

Sainik School Kazhakotam Admission dtails and application form. Last date:2009 December 12

Application Form and Orders for aid to Phycically and Mentally Challenged Persons from LGG

Niramaya Health insurance Scheme for Persons with Disabilities under the National Trust Act

Reports & Documents

Income Tax Return Form Saral II (ITR I) Instructions Word PDF Acknowledgment 

Right to Education Act 2009

Kerala Financial Code Vol I  7th Edition

Hand Book of Guide Lines on Internal Audit

Seniority List of LD Clerks from 01-01-2001 to 31-12-2005

Text Books (Part II) of Standards II, IV, VI and VIII

KSR Volume I (Part I and II) Seventh Edition with notifications up to 11-12-2009

"Thelima" the Health and Hygiene Work Book


Notification     Order    Enhancement Order Circular of DPI 25-05-2010

Purchase of Hand Books of Std IX circular of DPI

Admission from Unrecognised Schools time extended Order

Aid to Pre Primary Teacher and Aya Gen Edn 23-06-10

TPFP Govt Circular

IED Medical Assessment Camp Circular DPI 19-06-2010