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Tetra Aquarium Filter

tetra aquarium filter
    aquarium filter
  • Aquarium filters are critical components of both freshwater and marine aquaria.Leibel WS (1993) A fishkeepers guide to South American cichlids. Tetra Press. Belgium pg 12-14. Aquarium filters remove physical and soluble chemical waste products from aquaria, simplifying maintenance.
  • Tetra are species of small freshwater fish from Africa, Central America and South America belonging to the biological family Characidae and to its former subfamilies Alestiidae (the "African tetras") and Lebiasinidae.
  • TErrestrial Trunked RAdio (TETRA) (formerly known as Trans European Trunked RAdio) is a specialist Professional Mobile Radio and two-way transceiver (colloquially known as a walkie talkie) specification.
  • A small tropical freshwater fish that is typically brightly colored. Native to Africa and America, many tetras are popular in aquariums
  • brightly colored tropical freshwater fishes
tetra aquarium filter - Tetra Bio
Tetra Bio Foam Grid Fits Whisper 10 (Catalog Category: Aquarium / Filter Pads)
Tetra Bio Foam Grid Fits Whisper 10 (Catalog Category: Aquarium / Filter Pads)
Tetra Bio Foam Grid Fits Whisper 10.
Tetra - TETRA BIO FOAM GRID WHISPER 10Tetra Whisper Bio Foam Grid replacement kit Bio Foam provides an extreme amount of surface area for optimal biological filtration in the Tetra In Tank Whisper power filters The BioFoam Grid fits the Whisper InTank Power Filter Each Whisper Bio Foam Kit includes foam and a plastic frame For best results, replace the Bio Foam Grid according to the manufacturers recommended maintenance scheduleBio Foam and Grid PF10 . For use with Whisper 10 Power Filters.

78% (16)
Strange growth on aquarium surface
Strange growth on aquarium surface
This strange growth keeps reappearing on surface of our aquarium. This is a fresh water 1-1/2 gallon glass tank. This was taken a week after everything was carefully washed. there are no fish but the plants are live. they were washed in both warm and cold water. The filter is a Tetra Whisper In-Tank 3i. The cartridge is new, The growth is extremely thin, barely visible from below or if the light is not at the right angle. The bubbles were from water added to the tank that appear to have been trapped by the growth. Does anyone know what this is?? Fish do not survive in this tank. We know about the need to get the bio system going and have had other successful tanks over the years
IMG 5206
IMG 5206
Second attempt at moving around decorations. Addition of new plants and removal of old filter (replaced by an EHEIM external canister filter)

tetra aquarium filter
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