Älmhult disc golf course is located in Haganäsparken. The beautiful course takes you through both beech woods and open meadows. You really have to use all your skills to master the course.
Älmhult Disc Golf Club was founded 2010 and the course was built 2007. The course maintenance is done by the club together with Älmhults Kommun.
The course is open 24 hours a day and all year around. Ofcause it's free of charge to play. Everyone is welcome to try out this fun sport, all you need is a frisbee! You can use a standard frisbee but you will have more fun with a real golf disc! Discs can be bought at the local sports store or on the web.
Join the club to learn more about this sport and find new disc golf friends to exchange tips and inspiration with. Älmhult Disc Golf Club have common practice Wednesdays and Sundays that everyone is welcome to join.

See you on tee!


Latest news
28:e November
+2C, a full moon and no wind. Perfect conditions for night golf. David delivers a 64, not only a personal best for night golf with seven throws, but also hes best score ever on the course! Congratulations!

18th of November
Fog and rain but still five club members joined todays tournament. David Rooth played a 65, a new personal best, and got +30.5p. See the updated tournament result here.
15th of October
Welcome to the club David Root:
10th of October
Night golf scores: Henrik 54, Marcus 64, Pontus 67 and David 71.