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AWS Chinese Business Solutions is an independent advisory firm specializing in all aspects of the Chinese market.  We offer a wide range of high-value services, providing our clients with the strategic tools needed to succeed in the Chinese business arena.

AWS has broad expertise in market entry strategy; products and services sourcing; sales negotiations; conference, show and fair setup; travel arrangements; and the explanation and interpretation of Chinese culture, business and polities.

AWS focuses on serving small and medium size firms.  We have the resources to find the most “fit” suppliers, clients, partners, products and services in China, and we have the experience and guangxi to find the lowest-price sources.  AWS provides its clients with a clear understanding of the “lay of the land” in China and a proven path to achieving business goals.  Note that the AWS pricing structure is set to produce significant profits to AWS only when the client derives financial benefits.

Our Services

I. Sales and Marketing Consulting

II. Producing Network and Client Relationships 


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Over 20 Years' experience in international trade, worldwide logistics and sales


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