Hello and welcome! I am an aspiring writer and mother of three living in colorful Colorado. When not driving kids around or writing, my other passion is singing lead in Deja Vu quartet and an award winning 150 member ladies barbershop chorus called Skyline. 

I have recently completed a novel called "Wet Birds Don't Fly at Night" that I am hoping to find a home for, you can read an excerpt of it on the site.

I have had short stories featured in: Dark Fire Fiction, Bewildering Stories, Peacock Journal, Under the Bed, New Realm, Speculative 66, 50-Word Stories, Fictive Dream, Pilcrow&Dagger, Flash Fiction Magazine, Cafe Aphra and Friday Fiction with upcoming stories in Quail Bell Magazine and The Flash Fiction Press. 

I have also published non-fiction work in Denver Pieces, bioStories and done online copywriting and scriptwriting for my performing groups.

I am always up for comments, critique and discussion. Please feel free to leave a comment here, email me at aeherting@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/AElizabethHerting 



"The Park" was featured in "Quail Bell Magazine" in their March 15, 2017 edition.This story deals with the tantalizing possibility that maybe the old adage of  "you only live once" may not be true after all.


I am thrilled to share the very first podcast of one of my stories: "All Locked In" featured in the latest edition of "Pilcrow & Dagger" Magazine. They have done a fantastic job bringing this story to life just like an old-time radio show, complete with music, sound effects, the works! My family and I gathered around the old laptop to listen to it for the first time on my birthday, it was a real honor and the best birthday gift ever!


Hot off of the presses is "The Earworm" featured in the latest edition of "Dark Fire Fiction." In this story, I wrote about a very bad character that receives his just rewards. Black Jack is truly reprehensible in every way and uses very colorful words and phrases. This is the only story of mine to date that requires a "PG rating" for language and how things turn out for old Black Jack. Those that know me will see a touch of my father Bob in this story and a tribute to his beloved USMC! 


The issue of "Under the Bed" is now out and available for sale! 

"Momma Said" is the fifth story in the magazine and tells the story of two lost souls that find each other in a historic Colorado hotel. The hotel is loosely based on the "St. Cloud" in Canon City. Years ago we stayed there (when it was still open) and I could have sworn that I heard the pitter-patter of running feet and laughter in the hallway at the crack of dawn even though we were supposedly the only ones on the entire floor. 

"Under the Bed" is available for download on the link at "Fiction Magazines" below and is also available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $3.99. I encourage everyone to pick up a copy--there are some really cool, creepy stories in there, you won't be sorry (except when the lights go out, that is!)


"Bed Bath and Way Beyond" was a story I originally wrote for my daughter Joan. There is a strip mall right down the street from us that has one very unique feature: right behind the Chic-Fil-A is a tiny pioneer cemetery. When the mall was created, there was a stipulation from the original owners that the cemetery remains untouched so there it sits, surrounded by the modern world. It is a throwback to an earlier time in a sea of asphalt and we have always been very charmed by it. 

I was thrilled when "Dark Fire Fiction" accepted this story for publication. It was my first fiction story and is very near and dear to my heart. I was getting extremely disheartened at the first rounds of rejections when I got the word they would publish it. It gave me a fresh start and was just what I needed to keep going as a writer. My eternal gratitude to "Dark Fire Fiction," It is a wonderfully creepy horror magazine, but be warned. You may need to sleep with the light on after reading the stories in here!


Did you ever wonder what in the world your pets are staring at when they suddenly look up in unison, weaving and bobbing their heads, looking intensely at something you cannot see? 

This story gives one possible answer to that question. That and a long standing joke between my husband Chuck and me about a "hole in the backyard" makes up the premise of "Furry Children." It was great fun to write!

"Furry Children" was featured in author Mike Madden's gritty and fun "Friday Fiction" the week of Thanksgiving. If you are looking for compelling and bold stories, this is the perfect site to go to!


This story is based on my grandparents, Ed and Viola who met and fell in love in 1920's Chicago. My grandmother really did live over a funeral parlor (her father's business) and her job was to close the caskets each night. She would always talk about "testing" all of her beaux with her nightly chore! My grandparents were married for over 40 years and even in the final year of Ed's life, they would still dance together, in perfect synchronicity, move for move, without touching. "I'll Get By" was featured in the awesome "Flash Fiction Magazine" on March 11, 2017


This story was written in tribute to a good friend and coworker of mine who inspired me with her brave battle against an awful disease. I envisioned her as Joan of Arc, lance raised high, emerging victorious on her own personal battlefield. It appeared on the site "Cafe Aphra" in their February edition.


Very excited to have "Sourdough's Cabin" in the wonderful fantasy magazine "New Realm." This story has a lot of truth to go along with the fantasy. My family does own 80-acres on Santa Fe Mountain (out near Idaho Springs) and we did find remnants of an old log cabin there, where I imagined Sourdough to be. My son Charlie provided the inspiration for CJ and Cassie the dog was our first, beloved Golden. Set with the majestic Rockies as the background, this story features two men from different times, joined together to battle an epic, supernatural storm.

It is available through Fiction, Magazines, Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $3.99


I am very excited to be included in a special Christmas Eve edition of "Peacock Journal" with "The Intruder." I wrote this story with a very special little boy in mind! Hope it puts everyone into the holiday spirit.


"The Boys of Little Round Top" was chosen to be featured in the eclectic and fascinating site "Bewildering Stories." 

My father Bob was a military history buff and knew everything there was to know about certain battles in history. One day way back in 1993, he dragged my roommate and me out to a movie, by way of a local Mormon Church parking lot. My roommate had grown up in a Mormon household and my dad kept joking that he was going to drop her off at the church right down the street. (My father always had a very unique and strange sense of humor!)

After circling the parking lot a couple of times, he drove us all to a movie theater where I saw "Gettysburg" for the first time. I loved it so much, that I ran out and picked up a copy of Michael Shaara's "Killer Angels" and read it while watching the movie on an old VHS tape, checking the dialogue in the book to the movie (it matched almost word for word!) 

I hope to make it out to the battle site one day, in the meantime I tried to imagine what it would be like to be there on the fateful day of Little Round Top.


In 2008 while visiting my father's grave at Ft. Logan National Cemetery, I came across a headstone of a child that read "Sleep Baby, Sleep." It was the grave of a little girl named Marjorie who had died in the 1890s, the heartbreak of her parents apparent on the headstone. I decided to try to research Marjorie, not expecting to find anything, when I discovered that her father was a fairly well known General. He and his wife were stationed at Ft. Logan back when it was a prairie outpost in the wilds of Colorado and he rose to prominence, but not before burying his precious Marjorie and a baby boy simply marked "Infant" right next to her. 

"Sleep Baby, Sleep" was the first story I ever wrote as a tribute to my Dad and Major General Graves. It was originally featured in "Denver Pieces" magazine and in 2012, appeared in "bioStories."  


"The Sentinel" was inspired by my daily recess duty. The elementary school where I worked had a huge, wide open field where the kids would play and the story evolved from there! It was published in the lyrical "Fictive Dream" magazine in their March 2017 edition.


"The Crossing Guard" is part of the January 25 edition of "50-Word Stories." Although I am a Crossing Guard, this very short story is definitely not autobiographical (at least I hope it will never be!)


"Caught" and "Deja Vu" are both featured in "Speculative 66." It is a really cool site that features power-packed fiction in exactly 66 words--no more, no less! 


A new very short story called "Choice" was published in "50-Word Stories" on December 9. It was really a fun challenge getting everything in just 50 words! This is a cool site with lots of great flash fiction:


"The Cat" is a very personal story for me. I lost my mother to a sudden and devastating illness in 2013. My father passed away in 2005 and being an only child, it fell to me to clean out and sell my childhood home. 

During the process of getting it all done, a funny little cat kept coming around, meowing at the door and peeking through the windows. I fed him on the front porch and after awhile, he simply went away and we never saw him again. I always wondered if he was some sort of sign from my mother, she had three cats and loved all things feline.

In this story, I combined our own real life molly-gowser cat Indy with that mysterious kitty. "The Cat" appeared in the beautiful "Peacock Journal" for their special Halloween edition.