Its the simplicity over fancinity.

Monday, March 17 2008--
-Rewrote the whole GenerateIV() function. The old function was faulty at some point. Took me 3 hours. >_>

Added login server in C#.
Added C++ example by nfwu.
Going for government military training for three(3) months starting from tomorrow till early June. Dont expect me to answer emails within this period. Chiaw.

Tueday, March 11th 2008--
BUGFIX!! Forgot to replace StrCopy() to Windows.MoveMemory(). GenerateIV and AES function was disfunctioned because StrCopy is string terminator sensitive. Thanks to Aegisrunestone for bug report. =P. Seriously, I need testers. Download the fixed version today. Not tomorrow.

Sunday, March 9th, 2008--
Maplecrypto v0.12 revised for safer threading. Local variables replaces some global vars. Thanks to nfwu again ^.^. Please redownload if you had the saturday's version. Delphi wrapper and C# wrapper for the dll is added. Delphi example of MapleCrypto is also added.

Saturday, March 8th, 2008--
Due to lack of performance and bugs, dll mostly rewritten in a better way. No more mode(hexadecimal strings, bye bye) and dll works by reading directly to pointed memory. See readme for full changelog etc. Go to Downloads. Updated exports page.

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008--
Updated to version 0.11. See readme for changelog. *ERRORNEOUS VERSION, PLEASE DELETE*

Monday, February 25th,2008--
Decrypt function was functioning for input length of less than 2096.. Now its fixed to 4096.
Thanks to Teo for the bug report.

Monday, February 18th, 2008--

In order for a thread-safe environment, multithreading is cancelled, through guidance from Nfwu =D.
MapleCrypto library is furnished and ready for beta release. Bugs is a must. Please send me bugs and errors through

Saturday, February 16th--
Encryption is fixed again for plaintext which length is 1.

Friday, February 15th--
Memory allocation now is dynamic, first problem fixed.
PChar problem still exist.
Update : Thanks to Nfwu, now result memory is much more stable.

Sunday, February 3rd--
Major problem is identified, encryption unit is not global and allocates memory staticly.
Memory from resulting *Char could not be freed, and its not stable.
Multithreading? - Planned.

Friday, February 1st, 2008--
MapleCrypto library project first thought, and work is started through the old units I possess.

Special thanks to 2 people throughout development:
Nfwu -- Globalling my library, and much helped solving all my major problems.
Sai -- For beta testing


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