Ron Hawkins has been shooting pistols competitively since 2005. Initially a conventional pistol (Bullseye) shooter, Ron has participated in the annual NRA National Pistol Championships in Camp Perry, OH since 2006. In 2006 he finished 10th in the Sharpshooter Class earning a place on the NRA National Civilian Pistol Team and in 2008 he won the National Trophy Individual Handicap Match. He holds an Expert Classification in conventional pistol and is working toward his Civilian Marksmanship Program Distinguished Pistol rating. Ron earned his NRA instructor certification in 2008 for Pistol and Home Firearm Safety, 2012 for Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Chief Range Safety Officer. Since 2008 Ron has trained close to 200 people in the safe, responsible, and competent use of handguns. In 2012 Ron began competing in International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and holds a Marksman classification and in 2013 became certified as an IDPA Safety Officer.
Ron Hawkins,  
Principal Instructor
NRA Certified 
        Basic Pistol/Home                   Firearm Safety

Personal Protection in the Home

Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA/USAS Level 1 Coach

IDPA Certified Safety Officer

Massachusetts State Police Certified
G.O.A.L Member
NRA Life Member
(617) 827-2861