The Home Firearm Safety Plus course is based on the NRA Home Firearm Safety course and includes all of the material from that class. Massachusetts recognizes the NRA Home Firearm Safety class as satisfying the requirements stipulated under MGL Chap 140 Sec 131p and is valid for both FID and LTC.

However the course as delivered from NRA DOES NOT include any live firing of firearms. We include a basic marksmanship component which consists of firing consistent 5 shots groups at a 9 inch circle target at 21 feet with a .22 caliber pistol. We also offer the opportunity to fire a variety of other calibers to experience different levels of recoil, types of handguns, etc..

The class takes 4-6 hours depending on number of students, questions, and time spent on the firing line.

Fee for the class is $150 and includes NRA HFS Student handbook, eye protection, foam hearing protection, empty chamber indicator, use of firearms, up to 10 rounds of centerfire ammunition in .38 special or 9mm.