A historian, sociologist & social anthropologist, Adriana has been working at Saitama University's CEED since 2006.

As an associate professor, Adriana teaches academic lectures and speaking classes on the History of Secret Societies; Pirates in History & Literature; European History of the Middle Ages; Religion, Popular Culture and the Witch-craze in Medieval and Modern Europe; Sociology of Identity and Human Emotions; Global Culture; Presentation Skills (Public Speaking), and general Academic English skills classes.

Since 2006, Adriana has coordinated and directed 13 Drama Workshops for Saitama University. Students and teachers alike have shown increasing interest in our theatrical adventures, and the annual workshops have become a popular activity and a trademark of our department. As a coordinator, she wears that badge proudly.

Visit our Drama Workshop Archive for more details!

Areas of specialization: Sociology of Identity and Human Emotions, Micro-expressions and Deception Studies, Sociology of Migrations, Social Anthropology of Identity, History of the Witch-Craze in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Slavery History, Global Migrations History, Conflict Resolution, Public Speaking Training & Drama.

  • Office Hours: Thursdays 13:00 - 15:00 or by appointment