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Have you ever felt that you were “redesigning the wheel” in regards to your educational technology course? Or thought, "what are leaders in the field using in their own classrooms?" 

The AECT Open Content Portal is here to help!
Portal Goal
The ultimate goal of this website is to provide an Open Educational Resource portal, through which educational technology scholars and researchers can share how they teach and what they teach in their courses. This open sharing of content will promote teaching excellence in the field and could potentially center AECT as the best resource for content and curricula related to instructional design. This portal will be an extension of AECT's mission of providing a forum for the exchange and dissemination of information at the national and international level. 
The purpose of this website is not only to provide a list of OERs, but also provide information on the issues and concerns in making educational content open. Topics covered include: intellectual property, copyright and creative commons, and sustainability.
What is Here
The AECT Open Content Portal provides learning objects from leaders in the AECT community. The content includes learning objects centered on the topic "educational/instructional technology course materials." These learning objects include anything from an instructional activities, syllabi, mediated lessons, assessment tools, etc. 
Why is it Important?
Sharing your content with others does several things:

1. Enables instructors of instructional design to improve and enhance their teaching
2. Benefits students by providing them with opportunities to enhance their understanding of instructional design
3. Broadens the knowledge base and resources available to scholars and educators of educational technology

Understanding open educational resources and how they are shared is essential to the field of educational technology because it facilitates the sharing of resources and content among scholars and students. The AECT Open Content website platform enables scholars and researchers to share how they teach and what they teach in their courses.  

Kelly Harrison,
Nov 11, 2011, 8:03 AM