General Provident Fund (Kerala) Rules

GPF Forms
  • Form A - application for admission (Word / Pdf)
  • Form B - form of Nomination (Word / Pdf)
  • Form C - Provident Fund Pass Book (Word / Pdf)
  • Form D - application for Temporary Advances (Word / Pdf)
  • Form E - Statement of Deposit and Withdrawals (Word / Pdf)
  • Form F - form of sanction for Temporary Advance (Word / Pdf)
  • Form G - application for Non Refundable Advance (Word / Pdf)
  • Form H - Sanction for Non Refundable withdrawal (Word / Pdf)
  • Form I   - form of application for conversion of an advance to NRA (Word / Pdf)
  • Form J - application for Closure of provident Fund Account (Word / Pdf)

Kerala Part time Contingent Employees Provident Fund -transfer to other provident schemes

Withdrawal from the Fund

Government have revised the Upper Monetary Limit for various categories of sanctioning Officers with specification of their scales of pay.For details view GO(P) No.450 /2011/Fin Dated 18/10/2011