This website is dedicated to Heartland AEA 11's curriculum alignment services and supports. Here, you will find important documents, opportunities to collaborate about alignment issues, and valuable links to engage in curriculum alignment work. Be sure to check in frequently to see what's happening with curriculum alignment at Heartland!

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Recent Alignment Annoucements

TitleDetailsKey Resource LinkDate Posted
I-CAT Updated to Include new Literacy and Math As of 4/19/11, the I-CAT now has all of the new Literacy and Math standards in it. This also applies to 6-12 Science, Social Studies, and 21st Century Skills. I-CAT Log In Page May 24, 2011 
Initial Observation and Dialogue Guidance Posted This link will take you to a Google Doc that provides some initial information about the Observation and Dialogue requirements of Iowa Core Outcome 4 - Alignment. Initial Observation and Dialogue Guidance May 18, 2011 
I-CAT Updates Posted Information on upcoming updates to the I-CAT can be found in the Heartland Alignment Services Blog. Check there for more details. I-CAT Update Info in Alignment Services Blog February 11, 2011 
Heartland Alignment Services Blog Added The Heartland Alignment Services blog has been embedded into the Alignment Services Website. Check it out to learn more about alignment, alignment services, and the implications of other happenings in education and how they affect alignment. Alignment Services Blog January 7, 2011 
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