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Art Ed Resources

Art & Art Education Resources
Access Art - online art workshops and activities aimed at all ages.

AccessCeramics - A collection of images of contemporary ceramics by recognized artists.

The Airborne Teacher Trust Fund awards funds to elementary and middle school teachers and their schools to help innovative art and music programs get off the ground.

andDESIGN - An online magazine for people interested in Design Education in K-12 schools.

Art21 - Companion site for PBS series focused on contemporary art in America. Watch Art:21 on Hulu.

Art Beyond Sight - one-stop resource for bringing art and culture to people with visual impairments.

ArtFlock - An online creative community where you can buy and sell original art and craft.

Art gallerist Mary Boone talks about Why Art Matters in these times of global economic turmoil.

ArtistCam - Site introduces children to the world of contemporary art.

Art Junction - Collaborative art space for teachers and students.

Art Materials Timeline - Illustrates the historical connections between art and technology.

- Largest Kids Art Museum on the Web.

Arts Online - New Zealand art educator online community.

Art Through Time: A Global View, featuring 13 half-hour video programs and other resources, takes a thematic approach to art history and appreciation.

Art TV Network - A video-sharing community.

Assistive Technology and Art -
Information on assistive technology and strategies for making art more accessible.

Booklyn Artists Alliance ED Manual for lessons on bookmaking.

Campaign for Drawing - UK program with one aim: To get everyone drawing!

Chicano Art Digital Image Collection - A sampling of the images of Chicano visual arts in the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives.

Color in Motion - An animated and interactive experience that explores color communication and color symbolism by Claudia Cortes.

Creative Mapping is a blog dedicated to the creative use of maps in art.

On DonorsChoose.org, teachers can post proposals that ask for funding to support projects.

Doodlers Anonymous is a permanent home for spontaneous art.

Doodle 4 Google - An annual competition that invites K-12 students to play around with the Google logo.

Egg: The Arts Show - Watch past episodes of this PBS series.

Googlios is a collection of resources for those interested in using ePortfolios in Education.

Andy Goldsworthy - Bibliography and collection of images of his work.

Haring Kids - Interactive site
with images, projects, lessons, and more.

History of Graphic Design 2008 - Outline of lectures by Professor Nancy Stock-Allen.

IB Art Online Studio is a meeting place for IB Art students (and teachers) of the world to share their ideas and collaborate.

Incredible Art Department - Wide assortment of art ed lessons and resources.

Inventing Marcel Duchamp features a Web exhibition with lesson plans.

Line by Line is a series of articles on the New York Times website that covers the basics of drawing, presented by the artist and author James McMullan.

MFA Educators Online - create and share custom online art galleries

National Art Education Association - Professional organization.

NGAKids - Collection of art interactives from the National Gallery of Art

Off the Map
- Companion site for PBS program on Visionary Art.

Portrait Party - Pair up students and having them draw portraits of one another.

SchoolArts - Popular art education magazine available in print on online.

smARThistory.org - A free multi-media art history web-book.

SmARTkids - Kids learn the language of art, explore art materials and more.

Special Learners and the Visual Arts - Information on learners with special needs and possible adaptations in the classroom

Sketchbooks in Schools aims to promote the creative use of sketchbooks in schools.

Sketchbook Space aims to encourage and enable the use of sketchbooks, notebooks or journals across informal learning settings for adults.

Spiral Art Education - Innovative approaches to secondary art curriculum.

Story of the Masks - Learn about the culture and ceremonies behind the native masks of the First Nations people of the Northwest Coast.

Street Art Locator - AGoogle Maps mash-up for finding street art worldwide.

Studio Thinking: How Visual Arts Teaching Can Promote Disciplined
Habits of Mind
- by Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland (2007)

TeachingPhoto.com - A Web site for and by photography teachers.

Teachers.tv- Art & Design videos

Ten Lessons the Arts Teach by Elliot Eisner (2002)

Urban Sketchers - A community of artists who draw the people and places of the cities where they live and travel to.

What if other artists drew the Mona Lisa?

Why Arts Education Is Crucial, and Who's Doing It Best (on Edutopia)

10 fun facts about Picasso - from Neatorama.

100 Best Scholarly Art Blogs - List of blogs, sites, tools and resources.

Museum Resources
Aaron's Awesome Adventure - Follow an inquisitive boy’s adventures at the Met Museum.

Aminah's World - Columbus Museum of Art site on Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson.

Art, Books, and Creativity - Arts curriculum developed by the NMWA.

ArtsConnectEd - Collect, organize  and present images and other art resources from the collections of the Walker Art Center  & Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Arts Curriculum Online - From the Guggenheim Museum 

ArtThink -  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's curriculum site.

Art Today - Walker Center site designed to help teach about contemporary art.

Cooper-Hewitt's Educator Resource Center - Design lessons, videos, and more.

Photography Curriculum Guide - From the International Center of Photography.

G:Class - Curriculum materials from the New Museum.

Learning @ Whitney - Learning Resource from the Whitney Museum.

Learning Through Art - Curriculum & Teaching Resource from the Guggenheim Museum.

Interactive display of Richard Long's work at the Tate.

OMuRAA - links to various resources and educational materials on Asian Art available
through many world-class museums.

Red Studio - MoMA site for high school students.

The Warhol: Resources and Lessons - Curriculum materials from the Warhol Museum.

The Warhol: Online Factory - Explore Andy Warhol's process for making his silkscreens.

Van Gogh and The Colors of the Night - An interactive companion site for a current exhibition at MoMA.

Visual Culture Resources
30-Second bunny parodies are based on famous movies.

The Comic Book Project - Arts-based literacy and learning initiative.

Danny Zabbal’s Flickr exhibit of Superheroes.

Early Visual Media Archeology - Lots of illustrations of early media.

LIFE Magazine's photo archive hosted by Google.

Media Awareness Network - Canadian-based media literacy site.

National Association of Comics Art Educators - articles, downloadable handouts, tutorials, and more.

The National Film Board of Canada  has opened its vault to make many of  its national treasures freely available online.

Photographer Robbie Cooper shows just how focused young video-game players can be.

Teaching Visual Culture - by Kerry Freedman (2001)

"The End" Pool on Flickr includes dozens of screen shots of movie endings.

Top 100 Photography Blogs compiled by Sarah Scrafford.

Urban Curators - curatorial project focusing on the urban environment.

Visual Culture Workshop - K-12 curriculum ideas on visual culture, a glossary of terms, artists to study, and lists of related resources.

12 Kinds of Ads - by Donald Gunn with illustrations.