2013 Campaign applications will be accepted from 1 March 2013. New Registration Form will be found here soon.

If you need more information,  please contact: rhenderson@csv.org.uk0131 222 9083.

Please read through these guidance notes before applying.

Please supply us with your email address in the pink box to the right. You will then be sent an email that links to our Application Form which should only take a short time to complete.

You will then need the following:

  1. Your email and postal address - you should be the principal contact.
  2. Name and type of organisation making the application.
  3. Contact details for a second person.
  4. Name, type, description and location of the site (postcode of site preferred).
  5. Landowner of site and permission granted.
  6. Three main objectives of your project.
  7. Project dates and how many hours will be worked.
  8. Costs - a rough indication of how the grant will be spent.

Please check your registration email does not go into your spam folder.

Once the application is completed you should receive a confirmation email with a copy of your submission.