Useful SWORD Project Links

  • Crosswire Bible Society – The organization behind The SWORD Project
  • Crosswire wiki – The best source of information related to The SWORD Project
  • format converters – There are some perl scripts for converting other formats to OSIS here. The only one I've tested recently is usfm2osis.pl and it seems to work fine other than a few stray usfm tags being missed.
  • usfm2osis.py – A python script to convert usfm to osis is available here. It's quite slow but handles all usfm tags.
For other links related to The SWORD Project, see my links page.

AutoKey script for The SWORD Project

This is a script for the linux AutoKey utility that will allow you to insert bible text or dictionary entries from modules you have installed for The SWORD Project into your documents, similar to how WORDsearch's ZIPscript utility works in Windows. It works with OpenOffice, plain text editors, instant messengers, and other programs.

It uses the python bindings to The SWORD Project if available, and diatheke if they're not available.

It's relatively straightforward to use. First it shows you a list of bibles and dictionaries that you have installed and asks which one you want to use. Then it asks you to type in a bible reference or dictionary key to retrieve. After that it asks what options you want to enable. (Currently "rich text", strongs numbers if available, and long descriptions of bibles). The rich text works well for OpenOffice and other programs that understand CTRL-B, CTRL-I, and CTRL-U for bold, italic, and underline. (no other rich formatting is used). It even remembers previous selections.

Anyway, here is the script. It's not the best solution but its the only way to do this sort of thing that I'm aware of right now. I changed how it outputs text which has improved the speed a lot. I still think it's a little slow though at times, especially when there is a lot of formatting present. Other than that it works reasonably well. If you have any problems with it or suggestions for it please contact me. It's public domain. Use as you wish.  (last updated:  April 15, 2010)

NOTE: This script does NOT work properly with AutoKey 0.70.1 or earlier. Be sure and use at least version 0.70.2 of AutoKey.

My Modules

Here is the very poor quality gbf2osis converter that I wrote to convert the GBF texts from ebible.org to OSIS. It is public domain. I am no longer updating it as the main format for the bibles available at ebible.org is now usfm.

I am about 90% done with creating a good quality USFM to OSIS converter script.

Public Domain Bibles

NOTE: If you have any problems with these modules, please contact me about them. DO NOT CONTACT The SWORD Project about them.

  • WEB – World English Bible (last updated June 5, 2009)
  • HNV – Hebrew Names Version (last updated June 5, 2009)
  • KJVN – King James Version with NO footnotes or strongs #’s. (last updated June 15, 2009)
  • ASV – American Standard Version (last updated June 7, 2009)

The WEB and HNV modules I've made aren't up-to-date anymore. There are more current modules in the SWORD Project repositories. The conversion isn't as good as I'd like but the text is up to date and my modules above aren't. Once I'm finished with my usfm to osis converter I will make updates to these (and possibly add a few more).

My KJVN is now based on the osis for the kjvlite linked below. I wrote a very poor quality python script which reads the kjvlite source osis and adds paragraph formatting, and removes the chapter titles, pilcrows, footnotes, and colophons. At the time I wrote it, it worked fine. I'm not sure if the script works anymore though as I haven't needed to use it in a while. The script is public domain.

Other People's Modules

You can find other peoples modules for The SWORD Project by following the links below. I will add links as I find locations for modules.

  • KJV lite – You can find a kjv module without strongs #’s here.
  • KLV – You can get a klv (klingon language version) module at this website.

Modules That Cannot Be Made

I'm not going to be contacting any other companies that hold the rights to commercial bible translations to try and get permission to make those bible translations available for use with The SWORD Project software. The effort that has to be put into trying to getting permission to make them available is not worth it when there is never any progress made. In addition, there are some VERY VALID concerns that these companies have with regards to making their translations available for The SWORD Project. And I'm not in a position to provide any reassurances whatsoever with regards to their concerns. Also, even if I DID get permission, it's unlikely that very many people would even know that the translations were available. It's not like my little personal webpage is very well known. So I will let others work towards getting permission to make commercial bible translations available for use with The SWORD Project software.


I tried to obtain permission to make the NIV available for use with The SWORD Project software. Unfortunately IBS-STL (now Biblica) has no interest in allowing it to be used with The SWORD Project or even on a linux based operating system. Their response to my request stated this: “Our policy at this time does not allow us to release the NIV database to individuals or for use in Linux based, open source or shareware software products; therefore IBS-STL will not be granting your request for use of the NIV.”

The ESV and WEB are both comparable to (and some would say better than) the NIV and are available for The SWORD Project. I would recommend using one of those instead.


I tried to obtain permission to make the NASB available for use with The SWORD Project. Unfortunately, I can't get permission because they've already given the developers of The SWORD Project permission to make the module. Your guess is as good as mine as to when or if that will happen. It's been in progress since at least 2004 with no signs of being finished anytime soon. I keep hoping that one day whoever is responsible for making it available for The SWORD Project will take it seriously enough to actually finish it so that those of us who want to use this bible translation will finally be able to do so. However, I tend to believe that it will never be finished. Perhaps they will prove me wrong though. That would be nice.


I tried to obtain permission to make the NKJV available for use with The SWORD Project software. Unfortunately, Thomas Nelson turned down my request. Perhaps someone at Crosswire Bible Society will look into making it available one of these days. They'll probably have much better luck than I did with regards to getting permission to make it available. Until then, there are four alternatives that are already available for The SWORD Project: The American King James Version (AKJV), the Updated King James Version (UKJV), the Bond Slave Version (BSV), and Green's Modern King James Version (MKJV). I would recommend using one of those for now.


The creator of this translation has allowed me to make a module for use with The SWORD Project software and given me permission to use it. However, I cannot distribute it to anyone because the creator of this translation has developed a very strong animosity towards The SWORD Project and has decided that he doesn't want people to be able to use The SWORD Project software to read his translation.