Run... and become...

posted 26 Nov 2008, 06:21 by Andy McEwan   [ updated 26 Nov 2008, 10:07 ]
...a runner?

Something, anyway. I think it's something philosophical. Or so they say at Run and Become.
I went there last night to get some new trainers - oops, sorry, running shoes - and ended up coming away with over 300 quid's worth of stuff.
Suitably kitted out for daily runs at the office now (and I must say, I do look hot!) I stupidly had something to eat so couldn't.

Never mind, as soon as I was back on the boat I went for a run anyway. With my old kit. At 11pm. In November. In shorts.

I've never run late at night before. It was cold, of course, and the only other people I saw out were waiting at bus stops or standing smoking outside pubs.
It's amazing how someone can contort themselves to huddle around a cigarette hanging from their mouth when they require the warmth that badly.

Anyway, there is definitely something philosophical about running. Just you, your breathing, the ground, and the rhythm of your pace.
Actually, I guess it's more meditative than philosophical, but it definitely puts one in a philosophical mood.

I need to run more.
I'm starting to realise that I badly need to exercise more.
Not only for fitness and vanity, but in order to get some energy back - it seems that whenever you use energy your body gives you more back. Is that obvious to most people?! You effectively damage your muscles in order for them to grow back stronger, so is it like that?

Anyway, If I'm feeling tired, as I tend to be a lot of the time these days, the best thing I can do seems to be to go out for a run.
That's the last thing I want to do when I'm lying in bed, of course, but it's all about will power. Something I seem to need to build on - the power within myself to do stuff that I know is good but I am, for some reason, resistant to do. (Neil has pointed out that my behaviour of late reflects a lack of the exact opposite - "won't power" - as well, but that's a different story...)

I guess if any of us are going to DO something, we need to have the energy to do it. I think it's fairly obvious that we need to sleep and eat well in order to get the right energy levels but I was surprised to realise that we need to expend energy to get it.

Let's see what the next few weeks throw up - can I keep that causal link at the forefront of my mind?

(added later: forgot to mention that I also had a bath after my run - first time on the boat... strange to think I was sitting under the water line...)