Response to A New Democracy

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Posted by anthony flynn on Saturday, 4th March 2006 Last updated Sunday, 16th March 2008
Action Networks news letter, introduced me to Community Regeneration. Otherwise I would probably never have found this Thread.
I spent a longer time than I intended, reading the postings and I must say, I was impressed by the enthusiasm, energy and scope. But one posting in particular caused me to examine my own outlook on the Politics of today. Caused me to look again at Westminster and Whitehall.
I am responsible for one or two campaigns, rather more, in number, notices and quite a few articles. All of them are on the subject of Taxation, Taxpayers and how it is possible to change the concept of Income Tax and all Direct Taxation by Central Government. Quite Legally and quite properly, the standard and traditional method of employment can be changed. The normal, and informal, agreement and the method of payment, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly can continue. The place of payment in what must change. Even the Government is not shy of using this method of payment when it wishes to avoid Taxation. 
What struck me, about all of the Articles posted on Community Regeneration, was the fact that people wanted to do something for their fellow neighbours and their living space. These are the people who should be spending some of the �519Billion of Taxation that Gordon Brown will have raised this year, ending 5th. April. 2006. These are the people who should be in charge of Taxation overall. 
Join me, in starting to make the change that really matters. For believe me, without all that Tax money, Politicians are nothing very much. As they used to say many years ago when I lived in Surrey, they are "Full of wind and piss." Just like the barbers cat.
My contact details are posted many times on various parts of Action Network, get in touch if you are interested, as Andy NcEwan [sic] says, todays Politics are bankrupt, corrupted and now that more than 50% of the population are dependant on Government Benefits of some sort, dishonest. When I made suggestions to the Home Office, (Jack Straw was Home Secretary.) or Future Business Security in Leeds, I was told by the Politicians that my remedies for the fraud on the Taxpayer, was extreme. The people who post on Community Regeneration, have restored my faith in human nature. Thank You. Regards, ATF.