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PWdump and FGdump

PWdump and FGdump are the applications that can dump the sam database. That is get the userid, username and hashes present in the sam file.
Pwdump can only dump the local file whereas the FGdump can also dump the remote sam.
Note: for windows vista or later you will need PWdump 7. (pwdump 7 also supports remote sam dump) 
Here how ever we deal with PWdump 6.

PWdump to dump local sam:

step1. Download and unzip pwdump.
step2. Open command prompt and run it from the directory/download location
step3.  Enter the following command
pwdump -o 123.txt -u a a-db60eb4a04454

this will create a file in the same directory by the name 123.txt 'a' is an admin account and 'a-db60eb4a04454' is the computer name

Using the FGdump
download and run the cmd from directory/download location.

Dumping a Local Machine Using the Current User


1.Dumping the Local Machine Using a Different Account
fgdump.exe -h -u AnAdministrativeUser

2.Dumping a Remote Machine ( Using a Specified User (1)
fgdump.exe -h -u AnAdministrativeUser

3.Dumping a Remote Machine ( Using a Specified User (2)
fgdump.exe -h -u AnAdministrativeUser -p l4mep4ssw0rd

4.Dumping Many Remote Machines, All With the Same Password
fgdump.exe -f hostfile.txt -u AnAdministrativeUser

5.Dumping Many Remote Machines, Each With Its Own Username and Password
fgdump.exe -H combofile.txt

6.Dumping Many Remote Machines More Efficiently
fgdump.exe -f hostfile.txt -u AnAdministrativeUser -T 10

7.Dumping Hosts and Logging Output
fgdump.exe -h -u AnAdministrativeUser -l myoutput.log

8.Dumping Hosts, Logging Output and Viewing Verbose Messages
fgdump.exe -h -u AnAdministrativeUser -l myoutput.log -v -v

9.Dumping a Host Without Password Histories
fgdump.exe -h -u AnAdministrativeUser -o

10.Dumping a Host Without Cachedump or Pwdump Output
fgdump.exe -h -u AnAdministrativeUser -c (or -w for skipping pwdump)

11.Dumping Protected Storage
fgdump.exe -h -u AnAdministrativeUser -s