About Me

                               Adwait Nadkarni, 
                      PhD Candidate, Computer Science
                               NC State University
adwait DOT nadkarni AT gmail DOT com
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Hi, this is Adwait. I am currently a PhD student at NC State 
University, and my advisor is Dr. William Enck.

I completed my Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from the University 
of Mumbai, India in 2011, and joined NC State as a Masters student in Fall 
2011. I completed my Masters degree with a thesis titled
and decided to continue to the PhD program starting January 2013. 

During the course of my work with Dr.Enck, I have devoted most of my time working on problems in information flow control, smartphone OS security, 
and smartphone application security. I spent my early days trying to 
understand existing information flow control models and new paradigms in 
access control. At right about this time, I came across work on 
‘Decentralized Information Flow Control’(DIFC), wherein the system enables 
programs to set policies to protect the 
flow of their data, and the protection mechanism enforces these policies. I 
could relate the idea of treating each application as a data owning 
‘Principal’ to Android and other emerging operating systems, and that DIFC 
could be transferable to these new OSes.

My most recent research is on Workflow 
Based Information Flow Control, and aims to utilize User Interface(UI) 
Workflows, in order to allow applications to define expected flows for 
application specific data. My work helps apps utilize the runtime 
context they possess to enforce transitive information flow 
policies, without burdening the user with policy decisions. I have also 
started working on another project aimed at reducing privilege escalation 
in Android, as well as another related to taint tracking for application 
specific data. 
As a grad student, its hard to find leisure time, but when I do, I usually 
spend it reading and learning guitar. I also like to try new systems, like 
the Boot2Gecko project I just flashed on my (research) Nexus S phone. I'm 
really excited about how things are changing with the way we use computers 
(Mainframe -> Desktop -> Laptop -> palmtop -> smartphone -> tablet -> 
phablet -> and so on...), and am a firm believer in smartphones and tablets 
being THE computers of the future (with virtual keyboards certainly). I 
aspire to have a career in research, though I'm still not sure whether I'm 
looking at academia or industry research, or something different. It is my 
hope that in contributing to the field of Computer science, I can help add 
value to society.