International Volunteering

Our Focus and Reasons to Travel With Us:

Adventures in Volunteering is a Christian-based organization that focuses on enriching the lives of both those in need and those traveling with us.  Our lives have been forever changed by traveling internationally and helping improve the lives of children and families.  We want YOU to experience the joy and adventure that we have!  We have made it easy to do volunteer work and travel to unique places off the beaten path through our all-inclusive tour packages.

We have found great joy in giving to others.  We all have a lot we can offer – our love, our time, our gifts and talents.  The Gospel states “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Matthew 22:39)  We believe that “loving our neighbors” means raising them up and helping where we can. 

Inspired by the book, “The Hole in Our Gospel”, by Richard Stearns, President of World Vision,  we have learned that as a Christian, we are called to put our faith in action.  It means more than believing in Christ, attending church and giving offerings.  We are called to help those in need -- the poor, the hungry and the oppressed.

Helping those in need can be very fun and rewarding.  We want to take you on an amazing adventure travel experience where you can significantly help others and also see God’s beautiful creation.

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Live Life Fully and with Significance!!

"...I will show you my faith by my deeds"                    -- James 2:18