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FETA (From Emotions To Advocacy) Workshop

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What people are saying about the FETA Workshops:

"Information obtained at this workshop is of absolute relevance to your child's education, future, and life. It took me from knowing almost nothing to feeling empowered.  Every parent who has a child requiring special education should attend this workshop.  Faith, Thank you very much!  The way you share all your knowledge makes it easy to understand and process."  My rating for this workshop is a 10! -Neda R. Norwalk

"When I found out my 3 year old boy had autism; I did not know too much about it and did not know about any extra help available.  After this workshop, I feel I am ready for a long journey with and for my son.  I am glad I met Faith because I feel more confident and positive about improving the educational future of my son." My rating for this workshop is a 10! -Moises R. Norwalk

"Knowledge is power!  The information I have learned in this course will help me to be a better advocate for my child and enable me to believe I am the best advocate for my child's needs.  Thank you Faith for your time and for sharing your knowledge.  I have learned a lot and it will help me better advocate for my son."  My rating for this workshop is a 10    Peggy K -Wilton

"Great workshop!  Very educational!  Faith is really knowledgeable and very willing to help and share information."  My rating for this workshop is a 10  -Beatrice A. Norwalk
Full IEP Review Service

Does your child's IEP contain everything the law says it requires?  Is it a S.M.A.R.T IEP?
Not 100% satisfied?

Let AWF give you a complete S.M.A.R.T  IEP review.

Choose one of two options:
Mail a complete copy (not the original) of your child's IEP to:

Faith Filiault
PO Box 964
Georgetown, CT 06829

Along with a contact form, a check for $119.00 plus a pre-paid regular, priority or express mail return envelope.  You will receive email confirmation upon receipt (print contact form to enclose).

Send it via email (as a zip file) to: info@advocatewithfaith.com.  In your email include the following information:
Contact #:
Mailing Address:

The IEP will be returned to you via US Priority Mail
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