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Self Advocacy Services

 Self Advocacy Resources (available at no charge)
 Advocate with Faith is a non-attorney advocacy site.
All templates and resources are property of Advocate with Faith and should be used at your own risk
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Letter Templates:

  • Request for an initial evaluation.
  • Request for records (this is the most detailed and comprehensive request you will find anywhere).
  • Request an emergency or non-emergency PPT/TEAM meeting.
  • Document a problem
  • Express appreciation
  • Decline a request
  • Request for missing records/documents

Valuable Organizational Tools:

  • Outline to organize your child's records
  • Meeting worksheets
  • Record keeping
  • Communication log
Tips and Resources

  • S.M.A.R.T. IEP outline
  • Rules for successful problem solving
  • Meeting preparation (coping with anxiety and insecurities)
  • List of additional valuable resources