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You Mislead! Fact-checking Obama Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate By Michael F. Cannon and Ramesh Ponnuru regarding President Obama's address to Congress: "By our count, the president made more than 20 inaccurate claims in his speech to Congress. We have excluded several comments that are deeply misleading but not outright false. (For example: Obama pledged not to tap the Medicare trust fund to pay for reform. But there is no money in that “trust fund,” anyway, so the pledge is meaningless.) Even so, we may have missed one or more false statements by the president. Our failure to include one of his comments in the following list should not be taken to constitute an endorsement of its accuracy, let alone wisdom." 
Grim proving ground for Obama's housing policy Other "The candidate endorsed subsidies for private entrepreneurs to build low-income units. But, while he garnered support from developers, many projects in his former district have fallen into disrepair." 
Common Ground Between the Philosophies of Christianity and Libertarianism Morality, Religion, and Freedom from the Journal of Markets & Morality, Volume 5, Number 2 - Fall 2002 
Neal Boortz Reading Assignments for 9/29/2009 Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate Several great articles 
Social Security Administration Bureaucrats Have a Party…and Taxpayers Pick Up a $700,000 Tab Government Fraud, Waste, and Abuse  
Singing Praises to Obama Branding / Indoctrination  
2010 State Business Tax Climate Index Taxes Ohio is among the 10 WORST states 
House Dems pushing ahead on healthcare Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
Lawmaker looks to make change after Middleville mom ordered to stop watching friends' children waiting for bus Nanny State / Government Intervention  
Why Medical Malpractice Is Off Limits Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate A few thousand trial lawyers have a lock on Democrats, who refuse to consider any legal reform. 
Rhetorical Tax Evasion -- The IRS says it will fine or jail you for not paying Obama's mandate levy. Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
A Certain Failure Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate "[T]he present income-tax system is irreparably broken and must be replaced with a more consumption-based tax system." 
Supreme Court May Hear Fifth Amendment Case Involving Small-Business Development Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
Obama's mythography: An Orwellian disaster Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
How Insurance Raises Cost Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
Billions in aid go to areas that backed Obama in '08 Stimulus / Bailouts  
5 freedoms you'd lose in health care reform Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
Voinovich launches a firestorm at GOP Other  
You Are Terrifying Us Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
Most Democrats are opposed to giving up their health care plans Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
Sherrod Brown (D-OH) Follows White House Orders. Stacks the House. Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
Obama's Health Care Plan: Put Up And Shut Up Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
More school: Obama would curtail summer vacation Other  
Is Lack of Government Health Care Responsible for Low U.S. Life Expectancy? Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate  
Cesar Chavez and the Roots of Obama’s Field Campaign Community Organizing Strategies   
The New Organizers, What's really behind Obama's ground game Community Organizing Strategies   
Low Life Expectancy in the United States: Is the Health Care System at Fault? Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate Cited in Reason.com article: http://reason.com/blog/show/136266.html 
A Health Insurance Mandate That Works Like Auto Insurance? Think Again Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate The comparison between mandatory car insurance and health insurance is flawed. 
Radicals Wrote Failed Stimulus Stimulus / Bailouts Investor's Business Daily Editorial 
Health Insurance Mandate Like Auto Insurance? Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate More arguments that car and health insurance are not the same 
VerumSerum.com's Version of Health Care Reality Check Health Care / Health Insurance Reform Debate Spoof of The White House's Reality Check Site (http://www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck/) 
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