Our Mission:

To mobilize, educate, and motivate the electorate to embrace and preserve freedom--both economic and personal freedoms.

What is a Liberty Group?

The Dayton Tea Party's vision of encouraging local citizen awareness and participatory involvement in all levels of government has led to the creation of what are now known as Liberty Groups. These Liberty Groups have been established in various communities around the Miami Valley.

Liberty Groups are local citizens, residing in urban, suburban, or rural communities, who come from varied economic backgrounds, occupations, and political persuasions.

The goals of Liberty Groups and the Dayton Tea Party are as follows:

1) Respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
2) Smaller government
3) Fiscal responsibility
4) The support of the free market system

Core Beliefs
  • We love the United States of America.
  • We love American Freedom, as defined by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States.
  • We reject hate and bitterness in our hearts, thoughts, and actions. We refuse to insult, mock, ridicule, or demonize politicians or their parties.
  • We understand that our mission is to overcome bad ideas, not people or parties. We commit ourselves to refuting and defeating any idea that seeks to restrict, undermine, diminish, erode, or curtail individual liberty as defined by the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.
  • We will not become entangled in arguments or causes that will distract us from our core mission of upholding and defending individual liberty.
  • We will, at all times, live in such a way that we will only bring credit to our cause.
  • We will freely share our core beliefs with others and will reach out to those who do not yet see their value.
  • We believe that our pursuit of "Politics without Partisanship" will change the tenor of political conversation from one of rancor and bitterness to one of cooperation and common good.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding this site, please contact info@AdvocatesForLiberty.com.

If your community is interested in starting a group, please contact Phil Herzing:  Phil@DaytonOhioTeaParty.com.
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